£/s/Ful price for d – on the 23rd Fulford of a state to be in

Please Investigate;

Imagine if you can rend the time/space continuum….

Now, look at a person – meet their eyes meeting yours.
Say and listen (two ears, so twice as much).
Observe there are moments of silence and moments of lapse in eye contact.

See how it is that reality (time/space) meets reality in contact between people, and splits where communication ceases.

Ergo, The perfect meeting – for perfect business, creating a perfect world…

Has it already happened?

Is it an ongoing process with billions of ‘render perfection’ moments occurring every second as life everywhere meets and lapses into introspection and bio-equivalent of ‘remote server research cache’ where the plans for utopia may be stirred for the next foray?

Has it yet to happen – all of existence serving as a catalyst for a mid-point moment of realisation to be followed by an eternity of perfection…?

It is vital that all life everywhere knows that every single meeting counts towards that perfection – the vitality feeds the exchange with passion, hope, desire, incentive, motivation….

People should consider just a glance, just a remark, just a thought, even just ‘non-commital lapse into sullen introspective stare at space’ as the priceless effort towards the perfection they strive for.

And the value it places upon life means we know why we are here….

An intrinsic message,
 from Christian Hilton.

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