Christian Hilton

Christian Hilton starts here, except for that brief obscure biological origin wherewithin he was begat

I am just as widely posted/published as XTIAN170174 and use other pseudonyms to prevent complete senility.

My best advice to people using the net to;

  • Meet other people – consider you are waiting at the stop for a bus and this person joins the queue, how much effort would you make to communicate
  • Buy things – you are pressing a button that debits your account and you do not see the transaction in terms of cash changing hands the way you are accustomed to
  • Research and find information – a blog is a personal insight, a society/group is an established body of interest
  • Chat/post messages – anyone can access the site content in the self-same way you just did unless you are the host, they each have a voice expressing an opinion.

I often post with a signature, I am the founder chairman of AwesMauler Technology Corporation and believe even the most powerful computers will be pocketable devices in the near future, or smaller….

My other main signature is specifically pertaining to my name, and so it reads;

Christian Hilton
– Please take my name literally, meaning exactly the kind of place considered most fit for human habitation.


Thanks for visiting :

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  1. Ads by Google are so seriously misguided/ing/some/~

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