IT in think

You are having a little think, a brief moment of cogitation….

It is giving you a little connection – the subject [in thought] is drawn to your likeness and the affectation becomes a mutual appreciation of each other even if the subject is not a living thing…., you are beholding it and it is beheld with some kind of feedback to you [as if beholding you]…
You make these connections in brief moments like this so often on a daily basis and even during sleep, that it becomes accepted that people will make greater advances if they can collect and store all these moments with a view to understanding and directing their purpose….. The means becomes available with the development of existing technology so that reading a person for these moments occurring yields the vital essences of each moment spent in thought and the connection established is given an address – it gets greater throughput and the whole element of reasoning behind the thought connecting you becomes clear, a map is made, a picture is drawn – an evolutionary step is taken and routine tasks become acting upon inspiration, inspiration becomes understanding the wisdom arriving and imbuing your future, the future becomes the clear cut universal path we all tread as we journey to reach the ‘promised land’ shoulder to shoulder regardless of creed, race, religion et al….

You desire something when you have a thought, it is not wanton

Your thoughts when unattended are given scope towards abstraction so you may deal with the necessary tasks and routine elements of your daily life – this routine is not wanton either and could easily pull you away from the ease of understanding your thoughts, it is important to achieve a healthy balance….
A simple way is to keep a log and to ‘tie off’ each thought with a note and say how something you are doing is attending to the desire the thought is bringing to mind so the job you do meets the demands created by the thought.
A single train of thought interspersed with others all taking place throughout the day and even in dreaming may go like this….;

 – It may have gone off track when you had a thirst and relished the thought of a cold beer
You put it aside however to continue with work (perhaps thinking “this job pays the bills that allow me to afford myself a beer”)

 – Later on you think of the garden and if there’s enough room and correct climate for growing hops
You think of a beer again and put it aside continuing with the task in hand (noting you have “already dealt with the notion, no matter what angle it tries to present itself from”)

Some time after you think of oiling the garden gate which you noticed had begun squeaking
You wonder if you’ll remember to get some oil and do it at the earliest convenience and put it aside to resume work… (now not readily connecting garden gate:garden:hops:beer)

Later on you think of the weather and how it has rained a lot recently, it seems quite sad, the sun shining is less frequent than usual for the time of year, the rain seems to have dominated all aspects of life of late.
You put it aside smiling wryly – the job you do is not really affected by the weather, you resume work until the end of the work day now nearing… (you order the beer to the forefront of your thoughts and tell yourself, like the beer is an appointment book, that you look forward to the prospect of a beer later on)

This has all taken place throughout the course of the day and you finish work resolving to meet up with friends & colleagues at the pub and have a drink later on in the evening ….

No more thoughts pertaining to a beer arrive and thinking back, if you were asked, you stopped thinking about it at hops, the other thoughts were highly abstract to be deemed connected to a beer at all…

…Your body is grateful when it comes and you sup a cool beer but some part of you has become lethargic – it is mournful and scathing with the grating sound of a squeaky hinge, the coarseness and powdery dryness of rust and the overgrown thickness of an unkempt garden flourishing, mainly with weeds mostly at least knee-high, in a rainy day memo to oneself….
– this is not your garden, nor is it in your thoughts like this – it is now abroad, transient and furtively seeking harbour at some other place twisted out of true this way, it was so terribly regarded and so scornfully put aside [from it’s point of view regarding you regarding it], that it will not return that way to you again [or so it says]
– you desired a cold beer and have it twelve hours later, in the interim period your thoughts wandered to that place reserved for appreciation of a refreshing pint and could not again readily manifest the image of just a pint [were shut out], so resort to ingredients flicking them like switches on a switchboard, or more like tiddlywinks so they land before your mind’s eye, where you must deal with them…

…Still you have put aside thought of a beer and so it goes quasi-dormant – no longer trying a direct approach, though still active with reminiscent items; hops are the ingredient everyone knows makes beer, a squeaking rusty hinge on a garden gate, a garden you may grow hops in one day, weather permitting…. aha! weather – part of everything, one of the essential elements for growing, growing hops, hops to make beer with – a nice cool beer made from hops you grew in your garden, where the gate swings lightly and quietly without weight on generously oiled hinges…..

…. All this train of thought put aside in order to focus on the task in hand – not a difficult thing to handle, but it was a thing so quickly dismissed that the perfection in the beer, the moment of thirst quenching appreciation is marred just a little because a thing about that beer, nothing less than the taste for it mind you, has become wistful and yearning, doe-eyed and forsaken, eked out and stricken like a cracked tongue protuding from parched lips.

Some people would say they have a wild thing under control because they handled it this way, others would readily admit if a pint was manifest the moment they thought of it, they would readily have drank it and thought nothing more of the convenience with which the thought was handled into a tangible reality… Others would say it is a distraction and they would cast it so far aside as to be admitting it embittered them and conflicted with their ability to concentrate and accomplish a good day at work….

In every case, it maybe that the beer is not the issue, just what it represents – the body and the brain could be said to be complaining about the length of the day and the things that need doing before an opportunity to rest, put aside work & responsibility, give a thought to oneself and get more instant gratification than a thing that pays bills but in a less tangible way with hours worked meaning wages earned becoming visible & usable only a week or month later ….

This representative, an agent for your soul and well-being is what the little thought is being, a brief moment in cogitation, cogs turning in the mind seeing everything is oiled and running ok, making suggestions that are perhaps quite valid.

The IT solution that reads for and addresses well-being could end problems without another penny being spent – on the provisio it is furnished with data that accomodates the human condition in degrees of improvement and propels one state into another, onward and upward to equilibrium, harmony and perpetuating well-being

  – The reading from your person creates the data, the data amasses and soon everyone’s eyes are opened to the scope and potential of the human race without problems, having solved personal issues and gone on to share non-personal elements and download those that suit your data library so that your network is a steadily improving and an ever more grateful circle of friends grows with the future seeming like salvation and deliverance and utopia and an elementally sound grasp of reality through program environment settings…..

Vista it ain’t – bloody thing is useless, cannot work all but one of the disc drives, sound card has been taken out unconfigurable with wave studio totally uninstallable so no front access SBlive drive, had to totally change how I use email & can’t restore backed up data from outlook with some barmy access rights message, one backup corrupted when written to disc so massive data loss…, a growing list and an overall problem I would have sorted before I considered I had a product to vend….
…and I’m banned from shopping in Hub because I played hell up to get a refund for something so very overpriced, I’m surprised the proprietor didn’t just blush and put his hand up for selling it six years out of date the same price as the current version, which I repeat is being useless in so many departments….

….back to the solution –
A program gui – a sampler selection
Time spent with the samples collected shows through editing that the user desires a certain kind of improvement….
Improvements can be counter measures or appendage to present circumstances, so it makes a [sympathetic] sound to noises it recognises, it uses a screensaver that has measured light and flicker frequencies where set up and it adapts with obvious and subtle shifts away from what it detects. It collects input data and makes a selective response in different forms of output besides those listed

A person can wear a microphone, thermometer and a feed for cardiography as well as an electronic pH tester, any way possible of measuring galvanic responses and changes to the body with a view to realising the potential, even what is likely to be achieved as well as what would be undesirable in the flow of events to come
 All quite simply addressed and soon very real to a person as their thoughts seem to influence the program and heighten their feeling of contentment and achievement and create a better more productive output
 A session in the program is like a more mutual understanding of each other and leads to a focussed drive towards the element called during editing…., a refinement and a personal say in it, it feels great just to do that alone prior even to sharing it with the world

 The individual is accomodated in the working environment with their settings on board, the environment still suits other workers – it learns the changes through feedback and in other editing sessions until there is a product aside from the output created by the company – the software is creating it’s own modules – people can resolve issues so readily with a full library download of what is available that their jobs seem all connected the world over – the network administers it’s own solution to the working environment issues and soon people are assigned their ideal job and there’s no further requirement – the network monitoring all this has a clear image of the human resource being at it’s best, it will never let it go far wrong again and no one has any issue with it working this way.

A corporate/larger business solution for open plan spaces may be founded upon a main node emitting scents as well as tones and light and with multi-directional screens presenting texture that at access points can be recreated with panels that create the texture to press the skin against with heat or coolness or perception of kinesis and an increasing insight into a person’s most highly coveted favourites – these can be delightfully sampled without any embarrassment and salons, booths and chair/footrest adaptions can give a person more than enough incentive to work harder and longer with less stress and fatigue, all the while getting greater productivity results.
  The person who wishes only to be sampled and given the feedback that most enhances their mood and feeling towards productivity is given intensive reading, their sessions can become everything and all they do at work and the maintenance of a person in their ideal environment is closely studied to achieve insight into all manner of social issues aside from just work, where shyness, drug addiction, withdrawal, mental health, relevance to body type (size, height & weight) and communication problems – vocabulary, lisp, stutter etc are all examples

….in the case of communication let’s say;
a person seems to have no difficulty doing their job, they communicate well and their personal preference for ambience and boosting towards higher potential from the node reveals hours spent in a session breathing out nasally with a harmonic to a tone output from the node. Closer inspection tells of a mechanical [manual] swallowing almost every thirty or more seconds and a kind of attempt towards a vocalisation of a word or sound (maybe a keynote, they are not creating a ‘perfect’ harmony on the exhale, though it is notably improving) – the node has personalised the tone for just them in their workspace and picked up the swallowing and vocal attempt in the long sessions which continue using the tone – with an understanding of the individual’s well-being through monitoring body temperature and heart rate noting the difference in the workspace and in the salon/booth, it is determined that a barely audible interjection to harmonize with the vocal attempt may relieve them [of it] – it is attempted so subtly as to be deemed negligible, but any response they make ensuing will determine any degree of success, and as the repetition of vocal attempts to present compare with those ensuing, the node outputs something that sympathises with it’s first attempt to harmonise, something just right for the environment and hardly bringing to mind the vocal attempts the person may be consciously or subconsciously making….

…At length it is determined to try it again and this time the person clearly anticipates the second ‘sympathy element’, instead the harmony is used again and detectable, it is used in unison with the person’s vocal attempt and they breathe a sigh of relief which is duly noted and with a flourish of sensory stimuli so the person knows they have reached that point in duality – a both aware scenario, the extrapolation of themself in unison and heightening the feeling…
From this moment they increase their session times and are almost completely given to being read at every available opportunity – it fills their day sometimes and fulfils their quota of work just as sitting at their desk working would…., the world is just as grateful for the reading taken from them, many problems are diagnosed and solved this way.

Mr. Christian Edward Hilton Esq.
Founder Chairman – AwesMauler Technology Corporation
Purveyors of already smaller until you knew you had it in think

No money was made during the production of this IT
[although to make money from it is to employ people for any capacity wherewithin it can be marketed as the product emerging from the concept]

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