Can science and religion co-exist?

They actually do, as in the words to the song;

    “One world, welcome to it”

If the question means to enquire after a happy medium occuring in one physical body such as a scientist who is a devout believer of their respective faith, then still yes.  One would always understand the beginning of the universe as portrayed in Genesis e.g. “Creation” as the earliest scientific hypothesis and happily let it’s principles in the ensuing book of the faith steer your life because it is how your civilisation is founded, civilisation has needed scientists since it was formed, they help development along those lines set out in the doctrine – science as an understanding of Creation is more what we’re about than shunning scientific study – obviously some branches of science are frowned upon because they probe into matters of natural well-being and so some would say stem cell research is a despicable thing to do with our very substance whether living or dead tissue, but it’s merits are based upon long term improvement.

The shark will eat it’s own entrails if they are hanging out of it’s body after an attack from another shark – it regenerates, not because it does this, but it knows no better and it’s life goes on – while humans are conscious sentient beings and so decisions can be premeditated instead of instinctive, we still act rashly and still need guidance – science is the understanding of the human condition and trying to excel mortality is deemed one of the most inhuman transgressions as life itself is scrutinised – if we don’t take a look at ourselves and decide how we’re fairing, we could end up losing an arm & a leg, harbouring illness and hovering on the brink of extinction without caring enough about ourselves to even begin improving the quality of our lives.

Way back in the Dead Sea Scrolls, there’s a mention of the fruits and what is acceptable to eat.  While I am perfectly content to pluck an overripe tomato, it sets out saying the split fruit is overripe and is not to be eaten – it is a rudimentary science at work, the reason for this would only be because of problems encountered with fruit when overripe, likely the easier access it yielded to insects which are known to carry innumerable diseases.

Short answer: Yes


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