What is beauty?

I think these sum it up perfectly, as if beauty is curiosity on the rung of a ladder climbing from obscurity up to recognition;

One should say it does not matter
If you are the mirror or the beauty
For in the eye of the beholder
They are always convoluted
   – C16 Latin, traditional

…Alas you have a taste,
For being contrary to the fact,
Saying you are not what you are,
So suitors bring it back

A word my friend into your ear,
I can only deftly put,
And hope you hear and heed me;
So the ugly shop stays

Now you glisten like a gem,
Among the lower forms,
To them your radiant beauty,
Could abate and end all storms,

But still heed more yet left to learn,
Like the sword of Damocles,
Touch not a hair on beauty’s head,
Or it is pretty as you please!!!
           – anon.


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