Is the idea of marriage too outdated for the 21st century?

Some people are destined couples, there’s a glut of genealogical evidence to that effect – if you determined to make yourself completely morose & depressed about not being with a certain person, there’s a strong possibility Mother Nature (a la community and the ongoing concerns of humankind) would play a hand towards tidying your attempt with a form of resolution to address every issue you touch upon….  From your point of view it may completely backfire because in nature’s way nothing stands very long.
           – Bruce Lee was shrewd to suggest we be like water & flow – 
 To be cheery and resolute that your happiness is founded on the certainty that you will meet your perfect match is to coax nature with a positive investment on your part with more promising results because you present a smiling countenance in any event.  Smiling is an open prescription for continuing well-being, it serves yourself & others.

If you believe in happiness as part of a natural state where life begats life in generations of a species, then you are predestining yourself towards being one half of a mating pair – the most natural way of life for nearly all the fauna on earth.  If you believe it and cannot feel happy about being single until you are a couple, then your ‘other half’ will likely be the same and if you were strangers before you met then the complex issues of your respective unhappinesses could so easily tear you apart that being happily invested towards happiness in marital bliss may be the only solution and the chance encounter with the ‘perfect stranger’ who solves every aspect of unhappiness/dissatisfaction as you do for them becomes increasingly rarer.

If you feel predestined towards a relationship and parenthood, then marriage is the celebration of this that invites your immediate friends & family, like orientation around the circumstances you choose as a married couple – to some this makes perfect sense and as a way of life properly observed with the couples tying the knot always sure of their lifelong commitment it has a proven track record for success – it is never to be rushed or considered rashly with consideration given to the vow “For as long as you both shall live”.

If it feels right between two people, it should always be there for the rest of the 3rd Millennium & beyond and respected for what it is too, those who choose it wisely are showing not only respect for one another, but respect for the community with a declaration of their interests and personal affairs.

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