What things do you say, think, or do to help you get ready for the new work/school week?

Sometimes when I wake up, I clear my throat by yelling “S-U-N-S-H-I-N-E!!!”

I say the vowel sounds or things like “yeah”, “yo” & “yay” on the inhale and the exhale.  Then I smile broader and say them again…   I ask myself if I’m smiling at full stretch, I should be bunching my cheeks up under my eyes – see National Staring Week – I think about U=M/V  and it should be all the perspective I need to see clearly with as the simplest understanding of life the universe and everything….   I sometimes rehydrate my eyes with an eye bath or a skin product for around them (they get the gritty feeling), I manually invoke laughing and yawning as well as stretching my body – I sometimes do a handstand against a wall, then do upsidedown push-ups in that position, I drink coffee like my life depends on it, I hum through my nose inhaling and exhaling, I perform tratak or simply still myself so my visual intake becomes apparently ‘phosphorescent‘, I play guitar or compose on a midi sequencer, I write down/draw ideas immediately as clearly as I can articulate them in conjunction with the catalyst for the idea…., the list goes on, probably endless and probably how we find one another in the realm of social exchange – I try and bridge the gap as comprehensively as possible.

It is mainly about feeling clear in the alimentary, contentedly full in the stomach, lucid in the brain and thought processes and able in all matters of the daily routine….  For this I have unending faith in humanity to put itself right, because it rarely veers so far off course without learning a very hard lesson.

I am at my physical ends to completely contort but I am quite supple and agile…., and my wits end to appreciate the rat race aspect of life and so I am usually telling myself something like “you do okay with what you’ve got and if you need more don’t be fooled into competing for it because someone always does it so hard and fast that they’ve made achieving anything like controlling a runaway train on thin ice”

and, “Life at it’s best is a simple affair”

….so I rarely concern myself with remembering too much of it, but always seem to repeat the most successful methods in series






I just answered this Featured Question, you can answer it too!

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