Why are many people against homosexuals?

They are apparently fixated on a sexual relationship that must become public to be accepted – this is in the face of people who take up a natural heterosexual relationship and make nothing of it….
 Homosexuality is readily associated with carnal lust, improper use of the reproductive organs and seen as an immature gesture towards heterosexuality that “blots one’s copybook” so unforgivably that there is no accepting it as a way of life and no reversal of the circumstances it puts a person in, like a self-inflicted life sentence – it is deemed fundamentally wrong at the point where it is a sexual relationship and which includes any talk of it as a base dialect considered too crude for inclusion and scorned wherever it interjects.

It is not exquisite pleasure without being someone else’s pain, it is not sophisticated without being seen for what it is and having a ‘buzzword’ made up for it – it is all about a ‘buzz’ but rather than the birds & the bees it is a cheap fix for libido with such a falteringly false economy that it even eradicates itself with it’s own cultures’ tendency towards hedonism.
The “gape ride” as a focal point for life’s meaning lends itself towards the verbal expression and all humanity suffers it – if it was still kept quiet though, it would have grown to be an insidious menace practised in private – if the death penalty was still meted out for homosexual acts it would still be practised in private (in fact probably is anyway because the stigma will be around as long as it is).  If you include the porn industry as an element of that focal point and include that expression – humanity is fairly deemed to ‘suffer’ it too – most people want for a quiet life with less fuss about their personal affairs, especially sexual relationships – it is pertinent to know what goes on in people’s private lives though because it is the basis of trust and in this respect we sort each other out, it is therefore often disheartening and even infuriating to find out a person is practising homosexuality and making no secret of it – it tempts disgust and rebuke and many people just shun it in pursuit of a simpler life without the elements of their sexuality compared to people who stand their ground from a less moralistic point of view.

  I am personally against it – it is simpler to quell the appetite for sexual relations and get on with other kinds of production – reproduction in this day & age is only exacerbating a population crisis which in turn impacts the environment – homosexuality is not the answer to that because already so many people know they are above it and would not stoop to engage a person of the same sex with an affectionate line in conversation as it implies a lax stance on social integration where professional conduct advances us towards much greater things.

It is not even elitist to have an anti-homosexual opinion, it is simply the way a person feels – the whole elitism concept was made by people who could not uphold a mainstream opinion that was accepted by the masses and absorbed as the ‘proper way of life’.

If the world was divided and you lived with your own kind in perfect segregation – the order of things coming about would first be the fall of those whose ways were wrong – a tendency towards in-fighting would see one destroy itself with war, the tendency towards warring with others would see one destroyed by others as they would not stand for it’s ways imposed upon them – the one that practised homosexuality would need a parallel amount of support for procreation as there would be no continuing it’s kind without them being created elsewhere or by IVF means.  The elitists would seek to prove nothing other than their unwavering ability to stand the test of time and sort all their own issues out without support from others.  The spritualists would end up living in a dense growth of jungle and teeming with parasitical, viral, bacterial & fungal infections as they exalted the very substance of reality and would not change a thing about it, the industrialists would convert every last molecule into a practical commercial viability, the capitalists would similarly convert everything in the interests of financial gain but end up only with a vault full of money they would not spend without a guaranteed return with growing interest etc etc….

The respective areas given over to the individual types may be named;

In-fighting caste – Discivilisation
Outgoing Warmongers – Genocidation
Elitists – Continental Plate
Industrialists – Ground Zero
Capitalists – Shop Floor
Homosexuals – Colony
Spiritualists – Mother Earth

Technology would bind it all together so it appeared ‘on your doorstep’ as you subscribed to your choice – this would influence your travel decisions and moving towards a preferred type you found yourself more like, or with greater/growing strengths for that given type.

It is fair though to say that a gay bar creates a psycho killer gay bar stalker, so while we fly the flag of many colours we should consider someone is already perfectly satisfied and has probably paid a premium for the privilege (taxes for example) – it is only flying in their face and detracting from their sense of right and normal & they will have done nothing wrong to bring them to book about their affairs.

My personal opinion is that homosexuality is too heavily featured as a sexuality – this simply draws attention to itself as a waist high issue and I abhor every instance of this happening.  I also find other ways of saying it are also detracting from the simple way of life with “gender preference” as one of the most neutral ways of saying it as still inferring that insidious thing about sexuality as a non-reproductive act done for pleasure – it is simply not ok or there would not be so many issues. 
The preference towards a same sex relationship has never been justified enough to give the church cause to permit gay marriage and I personally think that as it was without my blessing and even only speaking for myself – that every wedding of this kind is null & void, as I condemn it as an unforgivable act!






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5 Responses to Why are many people against homosexuals?

  1. I find your post immature, unfounded, misinformed, rambling, and borderline illiterate. Good luck finding quality friends with opinions like these.

  2. You seem to be confusing the general population with christian fundamentalists. Your point is badly argued and if you were to try to back up your arguments, you would find no facts to rest upon.
    Homosexuality is no more fixated on sex than heterosexuality. THEY are in the public and political sphere in a prominent way, BECAUSE they are fighting for equality. Most homosexuals want nothing more than to return to their quiet lives, where their sexual orientation is only a small part of their identity, but those who forbid them equality prevent them from doing that.

  3. Well – all things being equal, ‘we’ are entitled to ‘our’ opinion and that’s the basis of a moral majority.  You are right, you are also right – I am right and this is why;
       Feelings are always right!!!!
    How you act upon a feeling is usually where it goes wrong – the feeling is based on your sense of experiencing reality in the moment (atop a lifetime of experience informing your ‘here & now’)…., the act – what you commit yourself to upon the basis of the feeling (whether via inspiration or instinct or whatever) – is usually manipulating or interacting with matter or it is just a thought process which cannot be deemed wrong until you think so & stop it progressing by thinking about something else (best time to, before it is a physical reality you have instigated)… – If the ensuing act has offended a person it is because they have settled for their kind of imprint on existence and wish for nothing imposing upon it usually believing it does not impose on others’ – homosexuality challenges existence in a non-reproductive way, it vanishes the future of the species’ generations in favour of a hedonistic pleasure – I like enjoyment to the fullest, but I will not tolerate someone having their’s at my expense as I cannot see my infraction in their eyes, they are just thrill seekers….   My experience of homosexuals is a bitter take on life and they need all the luck they can get, which as an intangible thing means in the long-term they will be unfounded in their pursuit of fulfilment – it is a phase of humanity that will pass in favour of better realised precepts underpinning a way of life that is not focussed on the sexual aspects of a relationship, or even on a relationship – One might call it ‘sharing’ and say nothing more of it and the world can get on with it’s other more pressing affairs.     It is like saying “What is the point of marriage?” without giving due consideration to an archive detailing the progress of genes through the mix of chromosomes and the characteristic traits of humankind as every blessed union giving rise to the issue of children entailing a christening and the continuing documentation of lives under the umbrella of that faith – which even unkempt and lapsed into no record-keeping at all is still the human race generation after generation celebrating life with procreation.So, “What is the point of gay marriage?” is the pertinent question and pointed at the church it more profoundly enquires after the agenda that is permitting it to take place, while pointed at the gay community is pretty much like saying “What do you want a piece of this for?, aren’t you satisfied with your lot just the way it is??” – gay marriage is an attack on the faith and if ALL faiths accept it I will motion for the legalisation of matrimony between people and computers and titillate myself with peripherals in defiance of it.
    I am not in the least bit confused and I speak for no one but myself, especially so when I say – First, the church has no understanding of God that it can pass on better than a person contemplating Creation themselves without doctrine or people manifest in some clergical role, Secondly – gay marriage is the church conceding to something it has had no part in and so it should be that gay relationships have no part in the church and Thirdly, fundmentalists are taking the scripture and doing to it what gay people do to the church – changing it like God isn’t a universal constant and like the church’s role in society is a way of validating your life using a third party.  Get a room, get a lawyer and you’re sorted – leave the faith alone and avoid all this …..
    I said it best when I uttered the locus classicus “U=M/V” which earths all of the universe in the primal nature of reality until it is unfounded – which I will not see happen in my time.   People will come and go – they will have their relationships – I will frown upon some of them because it simply does not make good sense to me to be privy to their sexual liaisons and why they ‘have the right’ – I have no sexual appetite at all until I am actually in the act, so where all this talk of it came from and how it led to relationships becoming marriages overseen by body of religious administration is beyond my ability to stay interested in – I would say the church is now trailing out of God’s behind and infecting the community with corrupted faith.  Jesus might forgive them, but I think he’d have to send for me and minister to it with me safely resting in peace – it’s like Hell on earth for me to even consider it – and that’s my feelings!  Not misinformed, just experience leaving a bitter taste – one man’s meat is another man’s poison.
    And in searching for quality friends I expect to have my say and I expect it to be given a measure of respect – the fact that I took the time tells of my feelings and it is a bitter twisted element in all humanity – the simplest solution is to find the soporific panacea for all the sensitive issues and put them to sleep beyond the brain’s ability to call upon them for such pointless discourse.
    It’s an open and shut case – I find the notion intolerable and cannot celebrate it as a way of life – if you do not respect this then just consider what you put between us when your words issue forth at my rebuttal – it smacks of hate & pain and I advise keeping well clear.

  4. To cap it all – it’s none of my business and I simply do not want it as the order of business for any day I spend on earth this lifetime – it is horrid & I do not tolerate any instance of it, serve it up on someone else’s plate.
    I’d rather have the 5H1T variant of bird flu.
    Otherwise, I just uploaded a video distraction which conveys the same kind of sentiment from a unique mind – one that must not be spoken ill of…

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