Can men and women ever be completely equal? Should they?

Our physical being is essentially the same frame (skeletal, intestinal & musculature) with different reproductive organs, glands and hormones  –  If oestrogen and testosterone are matched in each, a female and a male could find perfect equilibrium….., if not, one has to have a headache or pretend to be asleep or contend the [perceived] state of equilibrium to regain it….

‘Completely equal’ infers ‘same throughout time in all aspects of physical and mental being’ which is not the case – it is therefore rather the things we do, the roles we perform in that are a measure of equality and in this there is a likelihood that it is possible where parenting is the best practice and should develop well-balanced children and so increase the likelihood like an evolution with each generation…, hence: selective breeding

I just answered this Featured Question, you can answer it too!

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