Where do you want to travel most in the world?

Around the equator, peak season – I look at how it appears as a lighter coloured band on pictures of the earth from space and consider things like the swirling weather patterns of meteorology as a geological aspect so that the desert regions created through near permanent exposure to intense sunlight are feeding into the system with sandstorms and the rest of the upper and lower hemispheres gradually cycling through – a slow process but we’ve had Sahara sand come down with the rain here at 54½° latitude…..

I just answered this Featured Question, you can answer it too!

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2 Responses to Where do you want to travel most in the world?

  1. onsce says:

    ryc: Sounds like it could be an interesting book.

  2. Lalizka says:

    Christian, you are good at answering these featured questions!
    I would like to see many places in the world. OK, I know, I have to choose only one. Then I want to see Fiji. Simply because I saw beautiful pictures of Fiji in a book.

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