Do long distance relationships work?

A lorry driver on a long distance haul is surprised to see a woman hitch hiking on a lonely remote country lane – he hasn’t talked to anyone for hours and likes the idea of having some company so he stops to offer her a lift…

After pulling up, he leans over to the passenger side and opens the door and her face meets his instantly in the doorway – she is beautiful, flawless skin, radiant glowing vitality, a perfect figure, long lustrous hair and mesmerising emerald green eyes…..

The lorry driver keeps his cool and says, “Now then love, can I offer you a ride anywhere?, this is nowhere to be out at this time of night….”

“…Thankyou ever so much – yes, I should like a lift…” replies the woman with a coy smile and an intense knowledgable look in her eyes,

“No problem”, says the lorry driver, “Where are you heading?”…

“Oh, just keep going in this direction please” replies the woman, “I shall give you more directions as needed” – she has climbed into the cabin, closed the door and settles into the passenger seat with the graceful movement of a ballerina…., the lorry driver is quite impressed upon and inwardly smiles at the thought of being able to tell his mates how attractive she is and what time of night and where he picked her up – it seems too good to be true and he smiles, quite leerily, at the woman as he engages the gears and sets off again….
Then suddenly – “Please do not try anything with me will you!”, asserts the woman with a clear lucid voice in an authoritative tone, “for I should warn you – I am a witch!!”

The lorry driver looks sideways at the ‘witch’ raising his eyebrow, “alrighty then,” he says, “….no worries love – your secret’s safe with me”, he remarks, humouring her dryly.

With her lips pursed a little sternly the woman continues facing directly ahead and meets the lorry driver’s sideways glance a few times from the corner of her eye until she seems assured of his integrity….

Then, in a slow but steady movement – the witch reaches out her hand, puts it on the lorry driver’s knee and slides it around and up his inner thigh…..

And, as if by magic – the lorry driver turned into a lay-by….


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