…or one will be installed on your shoulder at ear height

Say this in the style of Graham Stanier, Jeremy Kyle’s on board professional;

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“You’ve basically got to understand that a bad thing can just make all bad things worse and the only real way to get on and make progress is to think & do good things, starting by sorting out the bad things;

If you treat all instances of badness as the element of reality you have to heal or cure or work at with goodness, then yes it’s hard work, but it’s worth it because it’s good – you’ll prefer it and who’s to complain about you getting results if you have only good intentions?

Suppose a person thinks, “I’ll pretend to be doing good and secretly steal off and get away with some bad stuff” – you can plainly see that for what it is,  it rots all your efforts down into a few moments lapse and soon as these exploits are exposed they appear as nothing other than a rocky road to ruin….

You have to climb out of it to see it though and ‘climb’ is a good analogy because you have effectively sunk into a quagmire of it in peoples’ estimation – climb aiming for esteem wanting to be exalted and desire enlightenment…. 
Take a moment to think of good things you can do and what you can achieve straightaway – most likely saying something that perfectly frames the circumstances and pledges to change them for something better is the instant restorative – then of course the next step is to act upon those words, set realisable goals and you are well on your way…..

You will accomplish it if you can modulate the steps according to the way you are able to progress on your own terms when you desire good things and do good things to achieve these results – no one said it was easy, but I’ll say it again: Yes, it’s hard work – but it’s worth it!




footnote – What I cannot understand is how come people don’t just rattle off a couple of pages of well-meant positive journalling at least every other day, noting steps towards accomplishment – just practicing the good work like that until it’s polished up into something to behold enhances the ‘positive mental attitude’ ideology no end…., even a 3″ telephone jotterpad slip with a couple of words on it once a week, just a collection of them soon begins to feel like they’ve been on a journey with you like an old friend you go everywhere with…..      CEH



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3 Responses to …or one will be installed on your shoulder at ear height

  1. Hey! Thanks for answering my question.. That topic came up at work the other day, and I was just wondering everyone’s thoughts on it. I think I agree with you though! πŸ™‚ Have a great night! -Shel

  2. Lalizka says:

    Hey, Christian, you are simply amazing! Loved the “footnote”.
    Thanks for visiting my page (again).

  3. :,-) oh gosh, that’s really touching!  thanks  πŸ˜€

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