What career would you pursue if money was not an issue?

I would be taking up meditation and astanga yoga, healthy eating & listening to the sounds from all around


I just answered this Featured Question, you can answer it too!

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4 Responses to What career would you pursue if money was not an issue?

  1. hmmm never thought of those as careers. Very creative!

  2. Lalizka says:

    Marvellous idea! I would be glad to join you! If money wasn’t a concern, I would take it easy, for sure.

  3. Many thanks – be sure to take a moment and browse such titles as Power Yoga [weighty tome] by Beryl Bender Birch, Yogasana & Pranayama For Health [slim pocketable, good reference guide] by Dr, P. D. Sharma…., and Ayurveda – The Secret of Lifelong Youth [indispensible guide for a purification (/detox) start & continuing method towards better and improving health] by Karin Schutt (for TimeLife).
    In reality we yawn and flex occasionally – it is a full time pursuit to be dedicating oneself to yoga exercises if you so choose, ‘work’ could seem like a hobby in comparison like the flip side to what is seen to go on in the Western world where work is as much as a person does and the 8 hours of rest is usually a social event involving tv/internet or going out.  It’s feasible work could be the lazy rest period with not much required at all [less manual handling, more overseeing/servicing, in the age of automation] before or after we enjoy a stimulating 8 hours of physique and mentality tuning techniques – I reckon if asked, people would say they prefer the idea of dreamful sleep in the body they used for this way of life than their own adaptation of ‘organised’….
    I understand people call parenting two full time jobs, overlapping another two full time jobs for each dependant – but if it’s that difficult it’s surely either going wrong or mismanaged….  Parents are role models, plain & simple – if they commit to this ideal of tuning themselves with the right diet and exercise/breathing – they are asserting what is right without a word spoken…..  If they then bring children into the world and absorb parenting into their routine, it soon becomes the natural thing to do generation after generation – pubs/clubs and other venues are competing for your earnings and you actually don’t have to go there so often if the disruption to cash flow means working like a slave to afford it time and time again – sure, you enjoy doing it although that’s because it’s written & built around your sense of fun and social interaction – it’s competing for your earnings….
    I would therefore be trying to free myself of earning for more than upkeep and avoid the majority of all the things a person is purported to need to complete their ‘lifestyle’ in favour of an unprecedented level of health- & self-awareness so that work, when I chose it was a few pennies for essentials – simpler, cleaner, reduced ‘carbon footprint’ overall, least impact on the environment – I’ve been trying it for around the last 10 years, gently easing into [new] exercises (I managed a gym once and an inductee ‘had’ to try the hardest setting on an abs cruncher, progressing on from that he quickly lost all his stamina and had to finish early – something I’m all too familiar with).  
    It would obviously be made possible with unlimited savings and the world would likely go that way in the event, hopefully not just to wearily lounge in though….
       Failing all that I would sell hot tubs, saunas, flotation tanks and jacuzzis with all the trimmings 🙂

  4. diggersstory says:

    pod/vodcast for peace. Meditate. Learn what I love to do and do what I love to create a better world. YIKES I am doing that, now! I’m rich in creative ideas and having a best friend in myself.Increase the peace we all can AmAzE our world….ToDaY

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