Have a quess

?guess what I got from’ing beat out the tune with the back of my hand

drawing on a computer is exactly the same
when what you draw with is regular crayons
style device that comes up on screen
– the scan head should have been made as a nib
with pressure feedback to do this –
and that actually includes sharp point,
side of point blunt point and flattened [italicisable] point stroke (line)

Not forgetting the 2012 logo is irreversibly chosen so you cannot change it now
Plus the fact that it’s completely adaptable.

Today’s feedback:
The gremlin has potential but the puppeteer rig should already be tiny microdots that stick to the body and wirelessly transmit – one puppeteer could service multiple screen output the length & breadth of the country’s brand stores & stockists – it should have moved on to virtual breakdancing already and the brand logo should simply be worn in latest lines on the existing flagship sprite  –  not £8000 a character, just a zwinky type wardrobe update…

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