Thing is….

We are in an everything.

Everything in the simplest definition of it’s component aspects is comprised of ‘things’…, even nothing is a thing.

Yes, even immaterial elements are a thing unto themselves – as well as water, sky & mountains, enthusiasm is a thing, so is apathy…

So, if you decide what all these things are from your unique perspective, you will not just have a list of things – but you will have a clear cut case of good, bad & neutral things….

If you have it within yourself to make the list you will find it connects you to everything – it is likely endless though.

Then – you can set about making everything good, at least for yourself – and when you find the threshold thing you cross and create someone’s bad thing accidentally while trying to do good things, you can devise the list of things that allow you to continue improving things with these duly noted ‘compromise’ things ensuring you may proceed. with [good] things.

Thing is…., nothing & everything are co-existing at least in peoples’ minds;
Could you solve it all and make it all great for everyone when they can feel stuffed replete with it all and mulling it over pensively with eyes like dinnerplates and then when you say “penny for ’em”, they say “oh nothing”….?

…that’s where the thing went 🙂





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