My Tenner

A street vendor sells a product and the customer pays with a ten pound note, the money is in the process of changing hands, literally between the thumb and forefinger of both the customer & vendor when a bus goes past and the initial rush of air whips the note from both hands and the gust of slipstream suction following pulls the airborne note away in the sky, higher up in the air and between the sun and this perspective so that it is obscured from view and it’s path cannot be traced – it is in this respect never seen again by the two.

Qu.  Is the product purchased? 
Can the customer walk away with the product, can the vendor rightfully ask for payment again?


!!CrisisTravelOrg _company name#!!

“Crisis Travel”, “Journey Companion”, “exCost”…

An organisation set up to help people in certain circumstances regarding their finances and the situation they are in;

Notably, a person has used the last of their money to get away from it all and while they are in some foreign land they realise their money has come to an end

They would like to have solved some issues at home before they could readily rely on help and in so saying, the organisation is able to take matters pertaining to the circumstances and solve them in a cost-effective way.

The value of a holiday is fully appreciated through this venture
The value of neutral territory is regarded as the important factor to be exploited for best resolution

The person stuck abroad proves their financial status and through the organisation summons help

The options are basically;
1/ Wait til they’re deported
2/ Wire them the money they need
3/ Go pick them up

Number three is the issue being approached most carefully, where number one is showing a distinct lack of care and waiting for the authorities to pick the case up and number two shows a lack of vital necessity for intervention if the money can be wired, it is hardly deemed important to solve the case this rather than any other way

In understanding the element of number three is to get a person to go out there – the neutral territory is a staging for the real issues that caused them to go out there without being fully prepared

It is played upon that a person should not travel alone and so the person collecting is undertaking the responsibility in the most sensible way

It is played upon that the cost of travel for one person can cover the cost of two, though obviously not to the extent where half the passengers on a plane aren’t paying – each case is therefore individual and solving it is not taking the domestic aspects between the people to the bearer and their demand – the organisation ensures the travel company and associated agents for bookings, reservations and insurance etc are paid at least half the full amount in lieu of all of it….  This comes from the existing amount paid by the stranded traveller and then from the person collecting up to half the amount – the organisation then steps in and absorbs the rest which may be eventually part of an insurance/tax scheme fund
– The administrative cost of the organisation has to be paid – it is non-profit making and will invest in improvements to the service it can offer – eventually having helped domestic issues resolve on neutral territory without spilling over into payment issues with outside agents…. 

This ensures the travel booking scheme is kept at optimum efficiency and best value for money while the customer gets their break in ever more relaxing circumstances and more likely to go with their travelling companion than having to summon them in a crisis.


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4 Responses to My Tenner

  1. WondersCafe says:

    0.0 Yep the dilemma is bad. The customer is usually forced to pa again.

  2. hot_step says:

    hey yo!!!be friends .Okei

  3. Ee_air says:

    Agreed, if a person has to go away somewhere – in the words of the song – “don’t go away mad, just go away”,    …did a single mad person ever make a rational decision?

  4. This is very interesting thank you for pointing this out to me x

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