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I like writing…

…those with selective hearing will get what they disheard.Knew y’ear 2k8:D  Advertisements

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What’s the best solution to boredom?

   Snap out of it – take action against it, evade this ‘boredom’ like it is a smothering entity, avoid lapsing your posture, avoid sighing and exasperated exhaling, smile meaningfully – simply change tact and repeat successful methods until it completely leaves … Continue reading

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The idiot asks a question of the sage thinking of a get out or loophole for a predicament he deems himself likely to be in and then found culpable given the legal issue it creates. The enquiry is put so … Continue reading

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Dependance [read Dependants]

 I always think I have a thing solved and this time is no exception – but it’s likely because the world will go on and then things will change, maybe even laws and rules, especially rates, that this could look all … Continue reading

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What does it mean to be “trustworthy”? Do you think you are trustworthy?

Consider if you have contracted a virus on your pc, or it has in some way been hacked and you may not yet even know it – consider if you have been a victim of crime, again maybe not yet … Continue reading

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Something I Read

Typically,  Plotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplot….…Consensus quote/statement, relate plot related plot statement/summarySummary summary [include clear reference to concensus], further [conclusive] quotes.[Preparatory statement] [line-up abbreviation e.g.’…’, ‘!?!’, or hyphenation ‘-‘], then….; Bible quote 1:01….kind of thing, while the thing is I read something that rather worries … Continue reading

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The Formula Of Exchange – PREMIUM VERSION

Words – always said right;MeaningfulSatisfyingGuidingProgressively improving …volume, tonal [texture] elements, content, juxtaposition, reception/audience, sustainability [&or] believability [factness & factnessness]…    “ACKNOWLEDGE SOME SENSES ARE OFFENDED“Anticipation expressed as primordial awe with knowledgeable & valued insightEASY LISTENING STIMULATION«QUALITYBased in communication, the grasp of the … Continue reading

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