Do you think violent video games are to blame for recent shootings in the US?

I think the availability of firearms is to blame – video games do not train the person to fire a gun any more than they teach how to aim it or even just hold it, and especially buy or acquire one…. 
– Gun etiquette taught at gun clubs instils how a gun when loaded is potentially going to go off unpredictably and so the safety, pointing the barrel, leaving the mechanism uncocked until use, are all aspects of handling touched upon which rarely happens in video games where typically the character has a gun and a cross hair in the middle of the screen which they aim or rotate the character to change what is aimed at;  The resemblance to reality is so vague a connection between them would be as valid as a person who owns a Mitsubishi Shogun 4×4 being classified a risk to society and put on a watchlist because the name of their car contains the word gun.

   Granted, [first person] shooter games are graphically quite accurate depicting bloodshed and recoil feedback into the controller, with the targets also reeling as if shot (blown backwards or falling realistically) though cinema releases emerge all the time with far more intense scenes of violence and that equally immerse the viewer with a perspective as close to first person as possible through movie direction – the interactive aspect of videogames is more a lesson for good;

e.g. Congratulations
Player One – Your coup is successful, you eliminated every enemy agent, air support is arriving to transport you away…..  Level Complete….  LOADING……
[subliminal message]:  – this takes place in this controlled environment only – you did not kill real people or any characters outside the realm of a 2-dimensional screen displaying a console game program software, if you load this level again all the characters will be reanimated, if you kill a real person with a real gun they will only die once and you will then be a criminal accountable for their death and incarcerated as a threat to a peaceful civilised society that has all peoples’ best interests under constant consideration.

The best thing emerging from these games is a sharper, faster ‘pin-pointing’ skill with greater accuracy – couple it with vocabulary training and these are fine people keen on self-improvement during time spent at leisure.

    On another note, there are arcade machines with realistic guns & rifles – these could support an image of people with guns as they are played in a public place – for this purpose clay pigeon shooting simulations are as in-depth as the graphics need to be, any further enhancement such as making human character targets is largely unnecessary.

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2 Responses to Do you think violent video games are to blame for recent shootings in the US?

  1. You simplify it when there is a lot more to it, there are different things for both. 

  2. topremier says:

    I think if anyone could buy firearm is really dangerous. You don’t know who might be having it…
    Here is more strict you need license to have one.

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