I think the big money is in people being creative and with a link to a site so that it creates web traffic, sometimes the link doesn’t exist, but people will type words they’ve found in the link, or inspired by the creativity into a search engine and that’s what makes the world go round….

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Welcome back 🙂

 Common sense says that if you don’t fully screen each user/profile, then you will end up posting useless information on their page – this will waste the resource with unnecessarily & tactlessly used space – for want of a better way to put this, the simple message is, “don’t buy the premium service because it means the ads become more readily under your control” – that is by no means a selling point and if you concede to it then you are no less a doormat than the person who finds their profile bedecked with irrelevant and sometimes offending commercial product.

 In celebrating it’s success, any profile site services the users with a thoughtful exchange of ideas – your interests have carved out your profile base – this puts you among others like you – If you are uniquely profiling with no common ground to share with others, then reading your profile is the only means of finding what rightfully serves your interests and outgoing expression through your profile – the commercial content arriving to complete your page brings a host of other interest groups where you may eventually find common interests and friends.

If you strongly desire no adverts at all on your page – it should not be above the terms of service and when you have reached the perfect agreement with your service provider – they should enjoy your patronage and you should enjoy their hospitality – that’s the only way it will ever truly function properly in the long term – Accept no less!!!

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