How would you explain racism to someone who was born blind?

A blind person may appreciate racism described (such as in light chat with someone, but not just anyone, also hits the spot) in a sense as like a tasty snack e.g. a nectarine, being substituted with a hedgehog and the immediate reservation a person has about consuming something so obviously different that it doesn’t even have to pass the lips before you know something about it is intrinsically altered from the [tactile] sense you would have of it as a nectarine.

   It is undoubtedly the lines that are drawn and thenceforth crossed that make races different, not the colour of skin (such as a blind person would be unable to establish right from the off), a hedgehog may taste like a nectarine for all anyone knows although it’s outward appearance which is so physiologically different to a nectarine makes it challenge that precept & while this is the result of it’s evolving that way throughout all of Creation, not just because it came off a production line that way.

The blind person would know a hedgehog is different to a nectarine when they handle it, and this is true of experiencing people of different races [on the proviso their races are prominently distinguishing them apart], this being apparent in social airs & graces and subjects they discuss as founded in their race and pertinent to their outgoing personality – This makes people somehow like a nectarine with smooth well-rounded thoughts on a subject and like a hedgehog as they are uniformly heated [prickling] and pointed [acute] touching upon other issues and this matter being relevant to their race and origins of their kind, especially as interracial issues still progressing to resolution.

 The blind person would hardly consider trying to eat a hedgehog if they had it in their hands and could feel it’s prickles, nor would they readily give up a nectarine as they concede it’s accessibility makes it pocketable and convenient to enjoy at almost any time – this reservation and ready willingness are the basis of the decision they make as to a preference and both of which are notably determined by some experience of the matter in hand.

The film ‘Mask’ starring Cher puts it better than I do though….

The other kind of racism (‘taught’ to hate ‘them’) is not something a blind person should have to endure even as a story of a bygone age – just forget them, they’ll find something more worthwhile and rewarding if you don’t heed their diatribe and eventually join the rest of civilisation with a meaningful purpose.  Given the time they simply press their point as a means to an end and which then proliferates another hate-breeding generation – something I should say characteristically devolves me as a lapse in accepting all other life is God-given too (occuring as a cosmic event)…. i.e. not on my time! 
  Behaviour is the issue for civilisation to cogitate!!



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4 Responses to How would you explain racism to someone who was born blind?

  1. BRYANDAWG says:

    who is that guy you would complain to

  2. RE: /
    Roald Dahl – he wrote the bf/gf book, as well as James & The Giant Peach, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Danny The Champion Of The World…, – there’s a full bibliography on 

  3. Anonymous says:

    I like that analogy – judging what you eat by the way it looks/smells before you eat it. (unless it’s to make sure you have clean food).

  4. How many people eat crisps (potato chip snacks) ‘blind’, a sealed packet to take for granted, any sealed product for that matter – open & tip it without really looking into the pan to heat….., breakfast cereal – so many different looking flakes in one pack.   If a case came up – more than just a couple of instances of say, discharge from a production line machine or broken glass from another jar in your jam (jelly)….   all the things that can slip by momentarily and a few make it onto shop shelves….  …suddenly everyone stops being blind & [product] ‘racism’ is manifest like it’s hardwired…., yes – I like the food analogy, along with the saying; “one bad apple doesn’t make a barrelful”

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