fq’s soul

//transmission begins

Are insensitive, almost offensive adverts putting a grotesque expression of disbelief and resentment on your face?


Fads by Egads

If ‘Yes’, take my (free) advice and exercise your creativity with a liberal dash of artistic license – or visit www.SoSueMe.com – the home of internet legal wrangles that launders every last penny in shady web dealings

Seriously folks I know how you feel – but I only felt it for a split second before I took off and made up some of my own ads, now I’m here like this not a penny richer, hardly an iqrement wiser but absolutely certain it will not get me down – and if it gets any worse, I’ll clear it out & stop using it – that’s worse for their business than handing out freebies with no comeback – and they’ll soon show their game when they try winning folk back – some will never return and now take on the world ensuring that they will never be treated like that again.

I featured this answered question, I suggest you fq yourself too – like you were chosen by self-centered egotism coupled with a lustful megalomaniac greed for money at the expense of your sanity and good-nature….  Make yourself appear completely despicable, then there’s hardly a thing that can touch you without paling in comparison to the worst possible things you could concoct about yourself & your life…. 

Have a care for others though – Merry Christmas see you under the mistletoe (only drunk pre-teen virgin girls daft enough to take a handlful of Rohypnol tablets need apply – & apologies to Ms. Jones, but I think I know where all this is going and there’s plenty more coming, I will forward your website address appropriately and if not before, see you back in heaven – St. Peter, secure that bungee cord, I’m going in through the eve of the story)

transmission ends//


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One Response to fq’s soul

  1. There is nothing wrong with them putting ads on your site.  Quit your whinning.  They can’t keep up all of these servers for free.

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