What does it mean to be “trustworthy”? Do you think you are trustworthy?

Consider if you have contracted a virus on your pc, or it has in some way been hacked and you may not yet even know it – consider if you have been a victim of crime, again maybe not yet knowing it, consider if someone has undermined you or anything you said unbeknownst to you again, if you are seen in a certain light by someone and you have not got the full grasp of this/it’s consequence[s], and so on…..  these things could make you untrustworthy.

…and I will state for the record that I do not 100% trust anyone anywhere in the light of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance until there is a result that completely proves her distinct 7o’clock coloboma that features prominently in her right eye (on her face – the organ of communication for all humans that is instinctively LOOKed at in nearly every single exchange between people), has not been seen by one single person who has then volunteered the information since the abduction.


…and I will state why!
  Imagine the grief and sense of loss, clawing at something becoming less tangible every day though no less real – imagine Christmas and coping with this.  Now imagine the elastic waistband of a garment and hooking a finger in it to pull on it – only it’s the 7o’clock facet that’s the finger and the lower eyelid that’s the waistband and it’s pulled literally down off the face below the chin revealing the flesh and bone underneath and with such howling torment you would pull the wretched thing off your body for all it’s superficial gestures at what it’s like to feel so robbed and aggrieved while the real feeling is inside, gut churning & blood curdling….
  i.e. Madeliene’s abductors – skin them alive!!!!!!!  They have bred so much mistrust with one single deed and proven the fragility of civilised life like it’s some kind of apple tree you go guiltlessly scrumping off that it would hardly be a surprise if heretofore civilised people took up arms and began pushing their way through life forfeiting a good-mannered exchange on the basis of a lout and their thug attitude will have somehow risen above it all. 
   I cannot think of anything lower.

 What it means to be [completely] trustworthy is to have always been seen from every angle and scrutinsed beyond your ability to think further so that you are completely beheld and utterly predictable – this is never the case and we instead have to rely on faith in humanity – if that ever runs out, no matter how thick your skin is, you could well feel like you have been peeled in the course of every exchange which is a dip in anything from freezing to boiling, caustic to acidic, flu symptom migraine to e-bola viral….. 

I just answered this Featured Question, you can answer it too!

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3 Responses to What does it mean to be “trustworthy”? Do you think you are trustworthy?

  1. elepoon says:

    You’re right.  I don’t think it’s possible to be trustworthy to everyone even as much as you might try.
    Great blog by the way.  I hope they catch the bastards.

  2. Thanks for responding, sorry I cannot invest more than just enough faith – i.e. I would recount from experience with others, but that involves them – instead just my own reclusive deeds & thoughts;
    I wrote that blog yesterday and read it back and still felt like it was not doing a justice – almost as if the culprits are right on top of every development, even odd blogs like this and they are appreciating the sentiment so it undoes and remakes them as they pathologically & methodically elude capture;  Still not content I wrote this before I went to sleep….:
    *—–> Dear Madeleine,
     I have addressed my journal entry this way for instant indexing – further words on the subject may do or prove nothing though this feeling I always had since I about-turned in mid-air* is now more readily under control  (*the breaking news that Kate McCann had become an official suspect reported from the tv as I was casually walking away into the kitchen to make a coffee, the moment was as if a zenith in footfall as the body is lightest in motion and the sense based on the implication of remembering Madeleine McCann’s disappearance then who Kate McCann is then hearing ‘named an arguido’, which makes her an offical suspect became clear in this split second of weird cosmic timing – I didn’t so much about-turn as felt myself spun round, like a quick flick of a tap (faucet) through 180° – very quick in fact and forceful as I weigh around 150-160lbs and making my body spin to accurately face the tv would be no mean feat**).  That moment in flux that rendered me opposing involuntarily & what has ensued is something I feel I need to take complete control of, solve the crisis & be done with it, the law tying up any remaining loose ends.
    As it is  – I have no real control & if I had any, then probably not the scope to exercise it & get results.  Of course I could begin to feel out of control if I dwell upon my helplessness in this matter and so I have previewed another option which is to say, “I do not care” & I find this to be untrue, I’m unable to lapse without the matter becoming yet more important & urgent – I have to concede that I do care and have upset myself trying not to…..
    Please advise my prayers with you x Christian
    …and to top this I went to sleep and dreamt about Madeleine McCann;
    The glass sided wing of the upper school hall of Westmoor House is a narrow curtained off area about five seats wide and between ten to fifteen chairs deep – if the pillars are ‘room dividers’ there are three or four rooms – each of which could be used for a single table and compromising one or two sides of seating around it.Mostly I recall it was used for detentions and class members suspended from their usual lessons – in the dream though I was sat at a table towards the crush hall/reception end and my dad was there with a handheld pda in a dark red leather case – he had organised files and folders and was definitely going so far as to write some software on it – he then took my XdaII and in a pouring motion, screen to screen, emptied the folder contents from his device to mine which made a sound like the Windows Vista Freecell game dealing cards with a confirmation ‘arrived’ sound too, like a click (Mahjonng perhaps).  I was quite amazed and trying to see how this was possible – now awake believing a touchscreen sensitivity tweak could make it possible with some help from bluetooth – and then it was upon me to escort Madeleine McCann from this position to only a couple of tables down, the last one towards the back of the hall at the corridor/cloakroom end – to do this I had to use the corridor and it meant picking up some books, the two pdas and keeping a watchful eye on Madeleine.  While using the corridor there was a skinny stubble faced grifter looking type walking the other way amongst other people and as I opened the door he seemed to be in just the wrong place so that I had opened the door in his path but almost as if he had stepped into the doorway while I had waited on the spot for him to pass – Madeleine was recognised and a question was raised as to her safety, who is this guardian? kind of thing and something about trust was said.  I looked at her directly at this point and she seemed a good deal taller than a four year old – about 7-10 one would say, her face much skinnier more like a young teen but still as unblemished as a very young child.The transfer between ‘rooms’ was a success and having settled down I proceeded to do the same thing to transfer files between the two devices – this time my dad’s pda was like a folding contraption and the size of a jewellry case for a ring with both top and bottom halves having a screen, I could not complete the transfer though as if something was not set up right, I was becoming frustrated and overwhelmed by the sense of people amassing in the crush hall, Madeleine looked on patiently from her seat at the table and as I looked back to the devices I realised something about the setup which in turn woke me….
    (Again, please advise….)
    **not forgetting the next day, as this was at the caravan on a weekend away and I sleep in the living room, I was sat where I slept having just woken and had flicked the tv back on, my mum had got up and was coming to stand in front of & get warm by the room fire, mum was turning to walk into the kitchen, either the kettle had boiled for drinks or the microwave was finished heating porridge – and again the news reported Kate McCann had been made an arguido and on the same spot as I watched my mum did a double-take and said “What???!” – in the very next moment of tv me and mum’s respective sounds the word and the implication as in the card game “Snap” was heard….  ….all of which to this day remains a complete mystery and would be obviously be considered to have no bearing on the case….

  3. stalkdebbie says:

    hey, thanks for the Y! answer…
    amazing. two eprops for ya buddy!

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