Dependance [read Dependants]

 I always think I have a thing solved and this time is no exception – but it’s likely because the world will go on and then things will change, maybe even laws and rules, especially rates, that this could look all wrong at some other time but I think it captures the essence of now and how people would directly shield themselves with opinion and well-founded belief in a thing that for them truly says where/why the line is drawn;

  The greatest fear for a child, as their parent, must be losing them to a predator – even if the child survives any ordeal and seems well, they are still a babe-in-arms until they have made their own way in life and taken similar parental responsibility for themselves or shown independance/good single-minded judgement.
This is a specific reference to those under the ‘age of consent’ which varies but which reflects the colloquial way and what it takes to become a mature adult and therefore at what age most or all decisions may be made independant of a parent/guardian [consenting adult].

  So, stating the case – a person under the age of consent (16) is in this country always also a dependant – the legal age of home ownership is not specifically set to my knowledge but they are until 16 still schoolchildren and physically still adolescent.

This applies all the way through to the end of adolescence and would fairly put upon the young pretender that they should also be clear of other adolescents or younger children in order to perfectly assert their opinion as a mature adult (this is usually when they are most seen to be childish too as there is no one they can slough off their ‘unwanted’ childhood on that would be fooled by it)….

…and it is an application of paedophilia and this narrator’s statement to that effect is that any instance of it is quite literally at the parents whom the child is still growing out of – the child is an inbetween element, the parents are where the intention is actually aimed because the child is not the consenting adult yet.

Any child, subject to interest from an older person such as the law says would make it a case of abusing a minor if it became a physical/sexual encounter, is an adult in the making – the parents are still adding the vital ingredients that will form the finished procreation….  Any attempt upon this life, even affectionate, soft, dewy-eyed praise is toward the parents until that child is taking their own life in hand and proving independance.

 Any child exercising a right to be sexually active is not exempt from this either – they are the premature version of what may have been and which maturity always reveals to have had unmet expectations of.

 Any exception to this is a child on the brink of crisis because of the rules being guidance written for protection of what is yet to be fully matured and others in the same situation simply not being an exception and easily capable of disproving this one case as over-impingeing upon an immature mind.
  e.g. A 13yr old is of the opinion their age is just the number of orbits around the sun and there is no real bearing upon their pyhsical or mental processes and that it is materialism manifest in an otherwise immaterial sense of something – they exercise the right with people as a consenting individual making up their own mind asserting it should not matter.
Some other 13yr olds also do the same, they do not have this ‘orbit’ opinion though and in celebrating their life at such a time as a birthday with the gratified cooing sounds of, “new clothes”, “iphone”, “kissing” & “drinking/smoking” etc.,  the 13 year old with the ‘mature outlook’ is literally pushed away deemed distant from this celebration of all things material and trendy in the civilised world.  It becomes very easy to see how that individual ends up an outsider and accepts attention from people is all they want and so seeking it as a meaningful transaction that continues to make them worthy….

It dedusively falls upon the parents to pick up the pieces of any issue involving their child with an adult and where consenting led to undesired experience – therefore the offending adult is costing the parents their time, experience and the ongoing [normal] life of their children.
   This is also likely why promiscuity is rife amongst teenagers.

I think any comments on this should be along the lines of “the UK’s legal consenting age for sex is 16, while watching pornography is 18 – therefore one may conclude that this promotes 18yr olds preferring to watch 16yr olds having sex”

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