The idiot asks a question of the sage thinking of a get out or loophole for a predicament he deems himself likely to be in and then found culpable given the legal issue it creates.

The enquiry is put so as to imply the sage is as the idiot – unexperienced and given to whimsy, like there will be a moment when a decision must be made and everything will bear down upon it and the outcome will change everything – the sage knows this from a personal perspective and therefore grants this idiot notion an audience for the time being, wondering sincerely if something can be said or done to remedy any circumstances connected to this scenario.

IDIOT by Christian Hilton

IDIOT: If you could go somewhere, like out of the universe, away from everything, so nobody knew – and you could then do anything…..  would you?

SAGE: I can already do anything I please without going anywhere….

IDIOT: Yeah, but I mean like it’s something you’re not allowed to do here – against the law say….

SAGE: Well there are places where there is no law save for the physical laws that are written only to describe what is taking place – gravity for example.  Why would it be ‘out of the universe’?  Is this act so bad?  I would surely never be able to return to humankind?

IDIOT: Well, suppose it’s something that people would be angry about and probably kill you for doing – but you really wanted to do it…..   You knew if you did it would have to never be found out and so if you wanted to be able to do it an unlimited amount then there’s nowhere in the universe because it would have at least a trace of evidence.

SAGE:  So, if I’m getting you right, I’m trying to go somewhere beyond the scope of anything in existence to do something to do with existence but so that nothing in existence knows about it….?


SAGE:  Like what?

IDIOT:  Anything….

SAGE:  What would you do?

IDIOT:  Anything

SAGE:  What exactly – what law or restriction would you want to flaunt or be free of?

IDIOT:  Well, I don’t think some things are right because of a law and that if you don’t have the law they’re …. more natural, you can be more right because no law is telling you how to feel.

SAGE: Such as?

IDIOT: Well, how old you can be to drink or smoke….

SAGE:  Then you are asking someone who has contented themselves the law has already seen them right – I am legally entitled to drink and smoke as I please….

IDIOT: What about sex with someone who isn’t old enough yet?  Like they’re fifteen and 364 days and you’re sixteen.

SAGE:  Can’t you just wait a few hours?

IDIOT: That’s what I mean though – if it ‘feels’ right, what’s the law got to do with it?

SAGE:  It’s a moral guideline – the person is deemed immature and unable to make a perfectly rational decision about it, the age of consent is set to help them be responsible about the decision.

IDIOT: Like if they’re consenting and then they don’t tell anyone it shouldn’t matter because they consented?

SAGE: It shouldn’t matter if there’s no consequence to the act, but psychologically they’re different from people who respect the law and if it results in pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease then these consequences will impact their future considerably.

IDIOT:  Right – so if you knew you shouldn’t because of the law – and yet you felt you should because it was just how you felt, and so there’s a place outside the universe where you can go do anything – would you?

SAGE:  I am there all the time in a sense simply because other people choose to believe this place offers them this ‘respite’ from the burgeoning statutes of our civilisation – unless you’re asking me if I got access to a place and no one knew I ever went there or what I did?

IDIOT:  Right – no one ever knew

SAGE: Would I know?  Upon my return?

IDIOT:  Well, yes

SAGE: Then I would have brought the issue back to civilisation more problematic than ever and as a perpetrator of the criminal act, it is there they would like to banish me to once it has been purged of the act carried out there – effectively you are asking me if I would like to spend time in a prison cell dwelling upon a crime I only commit when I am incarcerated there….

IDIOT: No, then, I mean you can go there and do this thing and then when you get back you are free of guilt about it, it is a place where you go and there is nothing between here and there, no catch or evidence to say you leave here and go there, do something and then return – like not even time passes….

SAGE: Another dimension perhaps – so that in a moment of being me on this physical plane I could have gone somewhere for an hour, done anything I wanted there and then returned?


SAGE: Anything I want?


SAGE: Why then would it pertain to the limitations of what a human being is capable of?

IDIOT: I wasn’t really thinking of that – I meant it’s because of what you want to do while you’re here but cannot because the law says so

SAGE: So I may want to drink and smoke or have sex with a minor and this is my only means of doing it without any retribution from the enforcers of the law on this physical plane of existence.

IDIOT: Yes – this place is where you go, for as long as you want without it taking time away from here and it means you can indulge in anything you please, the place is made for it…

SAGE: If I want to [illegally] smoke, it’s a smokers’ paradise, if I want to drink it’s a river running with every kind of alcoholic drink known and if I want to pleasure myself with an underage child every consideration for my indulgence is generously made….?

IDIOT: Yes and you can come back here and it’s like it never happened

Sage: Except only I would know?


SAGE: Wouldn’t my head explode under the paradoxical pressure of it?

IDIOT: No, it perfectly balances, you feel better for it because it’s just what you wanted

SAGE:  But it’s not what anyone else wants or it would not be illegal – the pressure from them would nigh on afflict me with unforgivableness or complete alienation – it would cause me to be outcast?

IDIOT: No it would be like you were before you went

SAGE: Well again I see how it would only make me ill – I would have to not do this thing

IDIOT: No it wouldn’t make you ill – it’s just so that you can do anything without any rules and without it being a crime you have to pay for

SAGE: I feel it would be a boon to the oppressed – is this place forgiving of every human trait then?


SAGE: Must be like being in Heaven then?


SAGE: And so there are people you say who are wishing themselves removed to this place for any indulgence, let’s say both legally and illegally, perhaps while they’re on their employer’s time and just want forty winks – or while they are sexually aroused and think a minor would satisfy their libido – quite literally whatever they fancy on the spur of the moment and this place is a provision made to them so they can indulge potentially for an eternity in anything they please….


SAGE: They obviously feel strongly enough to believe themselves deserving of this heavenly repast in their lifetime and that the urgency of the feeling means the provision has to be made for immediate use


SAGE: Tell me, if this is a place for anyone and anything and satisfies all, why on earth there is anyone enduring a lifetime with so many physical restraints given that the concept you have just described removes every possible element of dissatisfaction from existence…?

IDIOT: I don’t know – I would have thought it meant most people would be there all the time and that life like this would stop

SAGE: Well there’s the pinch – without this life – your life – the concept may have never existed on this physical plane, you have described heaven on earth and that for some is what makes life worthwhile, whatever it takes to keep that piece of heaven from going anywhere away from your grasp of it – and people do try the weirdest, daftest and most unspeakable things – you have to know that piece of heaven is here for you and reserved until you go there for an eternity of rest from this lifetime you are living

IDIOT: So life like this conceptualises Heaven?

SAGE: I should say it at least describes something beyond the physical form, even when it merely touches upon the physiology as a thing bound by a moral code to act in the civilised way.  Your place where you will repair to for your mindless indulgence is relief for your mind.  It is undoubtedly better for your sanity that you go there if you find the moment a split second long in villeinage is filled with hours of heavenly experiences free from any earthly responsibility.

IDIOT: If what I’m saying though is only because of others, like the news, media and current affairs and so they’re making people want to go to this place – why is it that it hasn’t been done as a media-type production for tv or film or like a spa weekend break?

SAGE: Those things are examples of it being done to the best of anyone’s ability, but for it to be a long duration within a moment is physically impossible although a film for example can illustrate time passing in terms of days, months or even years – if you could convey all that taking place and like it is being experienced first hand, then you would be very close to this place you speak of

IDIOT: Yes, like one for everyone though, with personal preferences

SAGE: And so that the news, media and current affairs are having no effect on people’s lives that they cannot deal with


SAGE: And so that no crime would ever be committed here again?  All that takes place outside the universe


SAGE: And you’re asking me if I would go there?


SAGE:  I think I would stay here and live in a crime-free world

IDIOT: Oh – but what if you then had a thought of a crime and needed to go there?

SAGE: You mean if the world became crime free as a result of having this place to go to – would a person who wasn’t previously thinking of or committing a crime suddenly find themselves in need of this place with a burgeoning sense of criminality?


SAGE: I would most likely at that point think my work is done here and what you are describing is the end of my natural life

IDIOT: Maybe, if it wasn’t though – it was just like you knew everyone went there and may have hardly ever lived more than a few seconds at a time here – and so you thought something about there and it straightaway made you want to be there more than anything else….

SAGE: Well, that’s definitely implying I would be packing up and going there for good…

IDIOT: If you weren’t sure though and so before you did – you went for a sneak preview…?

SAGE: Would I like to preview heaven before I go?

IDIOT: Sort of – as in the question, do you ever think if there was a place where you could go outside the universe and do anything and it would never matter back here on earth in this physical existence, that you would go?

SAGE: Well, as I have this physical existence to feel content with as supportive of that place I may go to for anything I should not or cannot do here in these circumstances – I would say I require an agent for that place, kind of a go-between – a saint let’s say who holds the door open so that access is always unhindered and I am always welcome in esteem in either place

IDIOT: Is that a yes?

SAGE: It is a reservation about it being something that will addle my brain in this lifetime and which says the rules of civilisation do not bind the soul or conscience and which will create this means if they do…

IDIOT: So, no?

SAGE: Neither – for to answer it is to commit myself to something that smears me across realms of existence and metaphysical concepts or to say no such place is anything other than an abomination and I will not entertain it – I can see clearly what and ‘where’ you mean but I am not there doing anything…., as I haven’t conceptualised it for myself, the inherent danger of accepting such a thing seems potentially life-threatening…

IDIOT: Right…, but if you had a place like it and could go there and it was all under your control and didn’t affect you here but gave relief from anything here that meant going there was the only way to rectify the urgency of what you were undergoing here – would you use such a place…?

SAGE: Well to recap – a place I can find myself in immediately for the sake of my sanity where I may give vent to anything that would otherwise bring the good people of this earth down upon me with retribution for the acts I am capable of committing in this place – instead kept perfectly separate so that here I am law-abiding and content and there I am free to do anything I please and making contentment (for here) in the process, in effect a place for malcontents because reality becomes inflicted upon them as an agitation and makes life overbearing – the nice bad place for just my kind of trouble with this world?


SAGE: And if I had any trouble with this world, it would be the only place I felt right in?

IDIOT: Yes, it would be the place where your symptoms of unease and discomfort with mankind’s affairs or personal illness could be addressed through any act you performed or witnessed…

SAGE: But that would mean only I had such a place – if everyone had one humanity would cease to experience any unrest or the like here on earth

IDIOT: Yes that is so, but it would still be required to make it so

SAGE: I can see that it might – so do you have one of your own?

IDIOT: No – I wish I did

SAGE: Are you troubled with your life?

IDIOT: Sometimes I feel like just being somewhere else and where nothing matters, so I can do anything I please

SAGE: And you do not wish to put upon people that you are unhappy, or that they make you unhappy, or what you would do to rectify the feelings you have that trouble you?


SAGE: And so you conceptualise this place and the rules of it’s existence so it perfectly encapsulates your means to achieve happiness and contentment


SAGE: They say the pursuit of happiness is the greater good – do you think if you really had this place instead of imagining what it would be like that you would be truly happy and content?


SAGE: Now, as you see it that way and imagine experiencing it bringing this much happiness into your life – are you not experiencing the happiness?


SAGE: And yet it is your concept, completely under your control conforming to the rules of your making – yet you find nothing worthwhile in it?

IDIOT: Ahh, I suppose then I make myself miserable wanting it?

SAGE: No, you see yourself happy in the idea of what it brings into your existence, yet you’re leaving the happiness it brings out of your existence – you have found it and identified with it, why let it go away with your happiness like it will never exist and yet while you see yourself there and you see you are happy.

IDIOT: But I see I am happy only by going against what is right and so having a place where I can go and do anything I please which makes these circumstances unhappy

SAGE: I see that you are hoping you can get the benefit of it without lending it another thought – all the time you think of it, it is magnificent and rewarding you with untold happiness and contentment

IDIOT: So that’s when I’m going there?


IDIOT: So, by doing or thinking anything that isn’t part of conceptualising it, I’m basically letting anything else happen to me?

SAGE: And this gives rise to the things you report yourself as doing there….

IDIOT: I actually think that makes me want to know more of what goes on in mankind’s affairs than less of it

SAGE: And then we all go to heaven

IDIOT: Is it heaven?

SAGE: Is it restful and worth an eternity of you?

IDIOT: Yes, ok – I keep thinking I’ve died and gone to heaven

SAGE: And so you believe you will

IDIOT: What is yours like?

SAGE: Well it’s this place I take myself off to where I counsel people over matters of doubt and unrest…

IDIOT: Master thankyou, your learned opinion, I am in esteem, I feel the heavenly breeze of my consciousness settling

SAGE: Mastery is all it took, see I still have the rest of my life to enjoy it in…..

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