Can This Ever Work?

I remember an episode of TNG when Riker and I think either Troi or Crusher were spending the night outdoors and Riker warmed up a large rock which provided a long lasting source of heat – in this case it took a couple of seconds and was probably heated to around 1000°C, almost molten (it fairly glowed)…., in the example below it could take around an hour and be not more than a few hundred degrees (quicker with an electric powered element like a quick boil kettle), but the ambience is closer – the environment is not as opposing so Riker’s rock would have had a sharp drop off all the more expedient for simply being exposed to the open air – so this example below is using the containment to prevent rapid heat loss and the box is designed to reflect heat back in and convect heat out – does this work?

Is it so dependant on a perfectly realised model that it’s manufacturing spec would just make it too expensive to build or uneconomical to consider as an alternate means to e.g. greenhouse paraffin heaters?


Can this ever work

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