Do people lapse into thought about a thing that has lapsed into not being thought about enough only when the thing makes an empassioned enough plea or offers an incentive…?

Thoughts about being part of a self-contained entity so that going outside it and returning back into it is the only trace of you existing, thoughts also about what you take back in there as a vital clue as to where this place is and how it is possible it’s self-contained (What is an entry/exit point? How many people can it contain before it is requiring sustenance/service & contact with the rest of the world? How much of the local [immediately surrounding] population are unawares of this going on?)

Such an entity could be called a household, a village/town or country – the consensus about all things being good is that it is a world…!

If a thing lapses into not being thought about, then events take a turn – it may be subtle yet pursuing this is what is attempted while following leads, so for the most part people do not grant a news item about something happening to someone somewhere else in the world much of a second thought – An international campaign though and a distinctive feature, Madeleine’s coloboma facet continually raising awareness should have gotten results in comparatively no time.  Being made to feel like it is a drop in the ocean must be the coldest numbing sense of being stricken with something only you suffer from.

   Yet it wouldn’t have felt like a drop in the ocean if the media remained completely saturated with it – something called pulling out all the stops and which media tycoons should make every consideration for;

In this narrator’s book it is called “You get no more of this service we provide until we are once again servicing good citizens, LOOK at this campaign and contributing to it as the only way normal service will resume” and there is no cost for just causes – see how quick that would sort things out! 

   I say 48hrs or it is granting license to rule over people with martial law.

…and it seems then that people do not have good enough eyesight so I have enlisted my cat to help me



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