“Someone’s got a “THRIVE ON OTHERS’ ANGER” at their discretion & they know how to use it…”

   — The “THRIVE ON OTHERS’ ANGER” ability —

Level 1
In Receipt Of A ~” tact, or attack…
  You’re bestowed with the ~” ability as a gift, or inflicted respectively.
Generally, the higher the level of tact or attack – the longer the recovery, unless you have countermeasures (usually the case with a gift, as receipt is lined up).
You gain level 1 exp. when you use it for the first time, whether this is knowingly or not – it may have no discernible effect, but will continue to earn from the person/s it’s used on until they’ve recovered from your thrive’s deficit.

Level 2
  You ~” as per level 1 but it’s now more powerful and you’ll notice the effect to your credit even if you don’t know you’ve used it again, this is the subtlest hint of learning curve to which you’ll aspire naturally – if you can see what’s happened and adhere to the curve manually/voluntarily, it’s likely you’ll already have the means through a higher level ability.

Level 3
You ~” Knowingly…
  You’ve seen yourself use it and see it’s usefulness as it derives it’s strength, now from at least two recipients, to your credit. 
There are people who’re giving you a step up here that know your tact & this ‘favour’ may serve as induction to a long-standing or topical conversation they want you involved in, or wish to have with you/your social circle.  They may or may not know how accomplished you are with a ~” ability & so usually merit, also being tactfully aware, around level 3.

Level 4
You’ll ~” Willingly to suit how you feel about using it…
  From here it’s evolvable scope broadens – it may even become another ability or a ‘hybrid’ with others.
Your word is away with your mindful intention borne upon it, it will return in social exchange with notably greater facets than it left with.
You’re turning rebuke to your advantage.

Level 5+
Your ~” ability starts to have countermeasures and look after itself in the public domain.
The recalcitrant image of you is worn off your profile, although your obstinacy may be more thorough and despicable than ever.
Your ability to ~” may become very popular or you may find yourself very ‘lonely at the top’ beyond this point, largely depending on how you level up.

Finished Level Attainment
Your ~” ability reveals itself and as such you may distribute this body of text and material in the ‘Restoration Work.zip‘ folder unaltered as the original property of Christian Edward Hilton.
All other good that stems from sharing this information is to be accredited to Creation in it’s entirety until responsibly authored…
e.g. “Thrive On Others'[~]” index [list]
 “[(Other things to do with)~]Anger” index [list]
It’s at this stage that the ability to ~” is an integral part of your demeanor – it is no longer spoken of and you’re expressing it irrespective of topic.
–Being careful enough, you may find you can talk to people directly through people, e.g. through a politician to talk to constituents and never encounter anger face-to-face again, this is healthy business–

A Lame Disc Notice
Failure to distribute the whole package* admonishes the vendor in backdated claims to the dawn of all Creation.
Christian [I’m “was Ted”] Hilton asserts that he, along with everything else, is one universe old at all times.

*St.saw Packing list

Mr. Christian Edward Hilton
Founder Chairman – AwesMauler Technology Corporation
Purveyors of already smaller until you knew you had it in think

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