Right, back to the science;

I’m stating U=M/V,
   “Universe equals Matter per Vacuum”

   …most people will have seen the sense in this upon reading it – some will have stopped and said, “hold on – you also stated it’s the meaning of life – how does it ‘include’ life aside from just categorising it as matter?” 

…and ok, it apparently lacks that element that illustrates meaning in the life of a person trying to glean it from the statement.

   However, if you apply it right where you sit/stand at this moment – based on the essential truth therein that makes it an irrefutable law of all Creation – then you are the meaning…..  You quantify it’s validity by being literate, logical, understanding of U=M/V in principle & practice and so giving it meaning by applying your time and energy to it.

  Take it anywhere though, should be all terrain – it should level the playing field, restore calm, imbue wisdom, collate the facts, open doorways of perception, halt calamity – it should be the basis of something you have going on, it’s like a handle – you can grasp reality with it.

   If you are 1/M:V/U and the quantity M is all [kinds of] matter in the entire universe with the only limitation on experience being what 1 is capable of and V as fatally hostile so requiring a universally comprehensive approach – the options should be endless….

N.B. if you opt to procreate it is likely you will just have to pass a message like this on in the process of raising a family and let the next generation do the exploration of the universe and buy you slippers for Christmas.



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  1. inmy_tree says:

    so are you religious?and how old are you?

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