What is your dream job and why?

Sleep researcher

I aim to develop an interface within the scope of AwesMauler Technology Corporation – a handheld without bandwidth/storage/processing limitations, as if you have or are connected to the most powerful computing means ever required by all of humanity [even all] at once.

 As a sleep researcher the developments in all fields of expertise & study come to a cerebral point where everything is open to any kind of approach and understanding – the interface for sleeping, dream recording, analysis and focussing, as well as headway made on your behalf by your sleeping self that eliminates unnecessary workload, will enable the individual to find an equilibrium that sleep has always demanded by being the necessary portion of the day spent in total rest – it will either maximise the benefit of existing sleep patterns or reduce the need to sleep [length of time asleep] without impacting health so that the improvement is like a non-medicinal tonic to well-being and people find there is no friction between say, a person rising from sleep after a night shift and a person who got up at 6am, it is a brain wave & activity tracking program during the waking state and with the handheld backing up a night’s sleep and with perhaps some other residual rest effects from previous nights – the compensation a person offers to another for their respective state of alertness and wakefulness makes for a more pleasant [restful] social exchange and with increased/enhanced productivity, the job is the most rewarding one I can think of – it keeps on giving…


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