Sin City

I watched this expecting a run through feature, guys & dolls flick, period piece – I was not anticipating the colour/black&white dabbling and only after the first short did I realise a series of shorts compiled to make the complete film.

On the whole I think I really liked it, gets you biting down on what you know is right, ready to stand and say what you believe – the comic book influence carries over well and allows for artistic licence, things you’d only do with superhuman strength and exagerated effects that whisk even a fraction of normality creeping in back up into delightfully dark fantasy – like someone slaved over it, but the ‘pulp’ element lends an air of ten a penny…., even throwaway…..
    …, if this was Stadtler & Waldorf commenting I would obviously have just decided I didn’t really like it, on the whole it was tat….


…., s’ok s’pose

…ok? it was brilliant!!!

It was alright

It was better than good

Oh, it was good

It was above average

Well, I suppose it was brilliant

It wasn’t bad

I’ve seen better

I wouldn’t watch it again

I’m through talking about it

It was rubbish


 – Speak for yourselves, I thought it was well-crafted, probably won’t own it on DVD though, glad to have caught a tv airing.


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