Splendiferous Communications Troubleshooter

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       Communications TROUBLESHOOTER  (For “don’t know”s insert “you know”s)
by Daemon Rublecom

This is based on a desire to communicate finding an obstacle to the fair & simple exchange

download the linked pages version

If it seems like everything
& you say “ohhh, nothing”,
chances are you have dealt yourself out [/folded]
(probably because you didn’t want to take a gamble)


Is it a thing about i) someone else or ii) yourself

i) can you describe it to them Y/N 
ii) are you wanting to tell someone about it Y/N

 iY) are you concerned about the return of [-]feedback Y/N
 iN) would you like to talk about it with them Y/N
 iiY) do[you think]/will words fail you at this point Y/N
 iiN) would you like to journal it Y/N

  iYY) goto iiY
  iYN) goto iiN
  iNY) goto iiYN
  iNN) goto iiN
  iiYY) is this a feeling that affects your ability to communicate Y/N
  iiYN) are you concerned for the words you will likely be saying Y/N
  iiNY) does publishing the journal make you lose regard/esteem for the content Y/N
  iiNN) is this thing a feeling you have Y/N

   iiYYY) are you A) having this feeling for the first time or B) this always happens
   iiYYN) do you A) feel you have not the patience with the matter or B) it’s not that important
   iiYNY) choose iY or iiN
   iiYNN) do you A) feel you have not the patience with the matter or B) it’s not that important
   iiNYY) would you consider editing it as a makeover and to lift your thoughts of it Y/N
   iiNYN) are you concerned for who reads it Y/N
   iiNNY) is the feeling giving you concerns for your health Y/N
   iiNNN) do you understand it in terms of you and ‘a reality’ Y/N

    iiYYYA) is this a sense of A) urgency or B) mawkishness
    iiYYYB) when it happens, do you think/concede “this is typical of me” Y/N
    iiYYNA) can you postpone it Y/N
    iiYYNB) goto iiN
    iiYNNA) goto iiYY
    iiYNNB) do you feel concerned for the consequence[s] of telling someone – like it’s important to them Y/N
    iiNYYY) [tip] find words that ‘describe’ in your journal – search the web for ‘synonym’ finders to enrich the content
    iiNYYN) so, will you A) delete the entry B) just leave it there
    iiNYNY) goto iiNYY
    iiNYNN) has this worked for you, did it accomplish anything Y/N
    iiNNYY) if you leave it unchecked are you believing it will mean medical complications in the future Y/N
    iiNNYN) do you regard it as someone else’s problem that you are aware of Y/N
    iiNNNY) are you wanting to make it better than it is Y/N
    iiNNNN) is it purely ‘inside you’ and nowhere else Y/N

    iiYYYAA) are you A) the only person sensing urgency or do B) others make it seem urgent
    iiYYYAB) are you A) the only person sensing mawkishness or do B) others make it seem mawkish
    iiYYYBY) goto iiNNNY
    iiYYYBN) goto iiNNYY
    iiYYNAY) will the return of the issue just be the same problem again that you want to continue postponing Y/N
    iiYYNAN) can you ask them to understand you lack patience with what can’t be postponed Y/N
    iiYNNBY) perhaps this is a thing about ‘someone else’, go through the troubleshooter from that point of view
    iiYNNBN) is it really an ‘issue’, is it worthy of conversation above light chat? Y/N
    iiNYYNA) is there still a ‘thing’ Y/N
    iiNYYNB) is there still a ‘thing’ Y/N
    iiNYNNY) goto ii
    iiNYNNN) goto iiNYY
    iiNNYYY) consult a healthcare professional explaining with these troubleshooting steps as how you came upon your concern
    iiNNYYN) and is it still something you wish to communicate Y/N
    iiNNYNY) so, this is equally a thing about ‘someone else’, go through the troubleshooter from that point of view – If already redirected from addressing this as ‘someone else’, try solve this as ‘yourself’ from the beginning or goto iiNNYY
    iiNNYNN) goto iiNNYY
    iiNNNYY) goto iiY
    iiNNNYN) is this understanding of ‘a reality’ really concerning you Y/N
    iiNNNNY) and is this unpleasant Y/N
    iiNNNNN) perhaps this is a thing about ‘someone else’, go through the troubleshooter from that point of view.  If you arrived via iNN (already stated ‘is a thing about someone else’), reconsider iiN or goto iiNNYY

     iiYYYAAA) goto iiNNYY
     iiYYYAAB) goto iiYY
     iiYYYABA) goto iiNNYY
     iiYYYABB) goto iiYY
     iiYYNAYY) goto iiYYYA
     iiYYNAYN) is there still a ‘thing’ Y/N
     iiYYNANY) goto iiYN
     iiYYNANN) goto iiNNYY
     iiYNNBNY) goto iiNNYY
     iiYNNBNN) is there still a ‘thing’ Y/N
     iiNYYNAY) goto iiNNYY
     iiNYYNAN) goto iiNNNNY
     iiNYYNBY) goto iiNNYY
     iiNYYNBN) goto iiNNNNY
     iiNNYYNY) goto iiNNN
     iiNNYYNN) goto iiNNNNY
     iiNNNYNY) goto iiNNNNY
     iiNNNYNN) goto iiNNNNY
     iiNNNNYY) goto iiNNYY
     iiNNNNYN) is there still a ‘thing’ Y/N

       iiYYNAYNY) goto iiNNYY
       iiYYNAYNN) goto iiNNNNY
       iiYNNBNNY) goto iiNNYY
       iiYNNBNNN) goto iiNNNNY
       iiNNNNYNY) goto iiNNYY
       iiNNNNYNN) goto iiNNNNY


….I think it’s all there – happy communicating 🙂

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5 Responses to Splendiferous Communications Troubleshooter

  1. Oh my goodness that may very well be the most confusing thing I have ever seen in my life.  Haha.  Did you type that all out?
    And I like that you used the word splendiferous.  Points to you.

  2. Many thanks 🙂 I may yet code it as html linked pages…. (more typing, less confusing)
     oh, & “played for” one may say;  I picked Splendiferous over ‘Fandabbydozy’, ‘Exemplergoogle’, Brillig” & ‘Superlaticious’….

  3. Dangit. Holly’s mac says that it will not download a pc file. 😦

  4. There is that, I waded ankle deep to test the water, but I didn’t go any further;

  5. These blogs and articles are fully good enough for me.Simon Brooke

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