The One Show – New Year Resolutions

I’m watching Professor Richard Wiseman speak with the public in an article filmed in a shopping center on The One Show, he has offered someone advice on successfully quitting smoking.  If I heard right it’s a 40 a week smoker (could have been /day but the working out equates to the same point I wish to make)….

[not actual quotes]
The Professor asks how it will be accomplished, member of public says, “start by coming down to 30”

Professor says, “why not try 35 – while 30 is really tackling it and feeling like success, it has not accomplished it and so – like a reward, you may simply give up the resolution then and return to 40…”

I say, “that’s 40+35=75, +30=105, +25=130, +20=150, +15=165, +10=175, +5=180 and if this person has 180 cigarettes to go at from the off, then fair enough – but otherwise they have yet to be purchased (from the shops with all the other distractions).  It is like building a ladder to climb out of a grave you were digging, only to find every packet you buy is not a rung on the ladder, it’s coffin nails and every lungful of smoke is a shovelful of grave deeper…..,

I also say buy a calculator and get a brochure and every time you would be spending on cigarettes, put the equivalent cash amount away in savings – I know of this actually being done & a very nice holiday in Greece from the proceeds thankyouverymuch.

If it really is so hard, and with the smoking ban in effect – smokers should lobby parliament and ask for the tax to be spent on making tobacco smoking healthy, non-polluting & pleasantly aromatic…..


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