For the most part computer users are each a person sat at a desktop, if there are other people comprising a single user connection, there are few – like four as an average maximum in the same room, casually observing looking over the desktop user’s shoulder.  (Total guess)

Based on this, a service provider knows that any single connection to the network server they host can be scrutinised by their staff, of whom each is a trained professional in the context of what service is provided and there are perhaps thirty or more staff on site…..,
Providing the service runs ok and there are no technical problems, the staff compliment can handle just about anything the site is used for.
  For this reason, rather than scrutinse – the service provider encourages staff to indulge themselves with the service like an end-user – it creates a kind of healthy mix – the real end-users are getting a glimpse of the professional insight, the professionals are road-testing the product as part of the end-user community.
   Improvements and a great live-feeling social atmosphere are abound….

….you’d never want that to go wrong though.

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