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I was posting & answering suggested questions on FQu’s chatboard and decided I had a witty response for;
Why must guys be tough and rough to not be considered gay?
…and I replied with;
It is to help dispel the image & existence of rough & tough gays, which are brutal fiends and threaten the last vestiges of [true] manhood with a bestial disregard for morally upstanding social affairs and interrelationships with a fellow human of either sex. The effeminate gay is well under control – the rough tough gay would be an out and out criminal mind controlling anyone to any end through any means….. Rough tough guys are a wild outpost of decency, an institution – even a proud stereotype much parodied by gays who, if like them would threaten civilsation with a rapid descent into chaotic lawless anarchy.
Sent 1/4/2008 1:22 PM by ChristianHilton
Before anyone thinks this is rattling on since I made a very clear point on FQu94 I will add that it is my good nature & humour that is being brainfunked into sneering contempt* every time the issue is something people decide to face (simply, leave it alone, don’t even go there…. would suit most *because they find it unacceptable).
  Anyhow – the message thread following my reply has continued to present as I have reiterated for the benefit of a non-english speaking correspondent…. and now, at present, I am finding the latest edition of local free press publication, the Scunthorpe Target, reflecting the self-same kind of outlook from a nationwide survey:


       …so I may complacently not bother updating my Pulse section on Xanga, seems to tickover just fine 🙂

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