See Yourself XYears From Now

People are forgiven for thinking, and for wanting to be forgiven for thinking that if e.g. Google, Microsoft & Intel represent the greater majority of the personal computer experience, that any purposeful use towards ‘gain for oneself’ should mean ‘gain for oneself’ is on the cards…

And so, with this foundational wisdom, we are believing something about;

  • the processing core as an attuned conduit that will turn our effort to the right cause because it is a ‘polarised’ entity – it works a certain way with a certain throughput – it will hum with the sweet smell of success when we are accomplishing ‘gain for oneself’,
  • the operating system platform and software, even third party, as a compatible and digitally entrusted component will function most optimally as the user goes about the business of ‘gain for oneself’, &
  • the world wide web – all the other elements that form a ‘same realm’ world of other users and their means of access as a portal, a site, the users themselves, the content they provide via the service providers, as a perpetually gaining entity formed and geared for your application, & even supplication, towards ‘gain for oneself’.

If it were to work overnight – your comments please on what criteria must be met.

If it is to change one life at a time, as a personal and perfectly acceptable lift from the existing circumstances – again, your comments will make this more the realisable essay, I’m only hypothesising…

If it is to work at all, yet you see no instance of it anywhere that isn’t just someone earning in a ‘standard’ way, like working 9-5 for an employer with clerks/secretaries/other departments’ terminal access input – please comment on what a computer should do in the context of being part of the entire planet’s computerised systems – towards ‘gain for oneself’.

If you see computers as nothing more than an access point for data entry/backup, network convenience and [net]media choice, with little more scope for a person wanting to find ‘gain for oneself’ outside of those aforementioned jobs – Then your comments should be about what is wrong there, why does the scope seem limited to you? What will improve it?


I’ll take the sponsor ‘Google’ and make an example;

Google is richness…, creamy, lathery, aromatic, awesome smiling, blissful, euphoric, unending richness.

Google advertises widely – rather than just show you ways to spend your money though, it shows ways to make money, to ‘gain for oneself’….  

Google knows that people are largely raised on the adage, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”, and , “Nothing in life is free” and so they resolve to make you rich [so there!] just by being present on many of the pages you see on the internet – you see them there and they know they’re there.  To make a person ‘gain for oneself’ even if he/she does not click the link or even pay attention to the Ads by Google, Google puts away an increment of real currency that is logged as saying – “This page [with a Google presence on it] was visited by this user so, ID & IP confirmed, an account made for their ‘gain’ will accrue for them based on their patronage meaning they are actively supporting the ‘realm’ and worthy”.  Clicking back & forth does nothing especially lucrative as the increments are small and a repetitive click would simply flag an error – Google is clever & what comes to an administrator’s attention can quickly be clarified as proper or improper use towards qualifying the user’s gain.

And, as this is yet another way of looking at usage, there will be further developments that do the self same thing but the ‘gain for oneself’ is greater and easier – in a bid to make the world a simpler, nicer, more tolerant place to live – all you have to do is indulge your interests on computers, even if they are things you do away from the screen – i.e. a diary you write in is the original hard copy format, but the typed data back-up is earning interest as a computing solution’s patron, the online profile with uploaded excerpts and digital camera media supports the web community through enrichment and so the ‘gain for oneself’ should just come from using it – if you spend your time profiling your life and while it is a portion of your life you spend in employment earning….  there then is the reconciled ‘same thing’, parallel to any kind of job a person does – Namely, as “time and effort you’ve taken that you would like to see ‘gain for oneself’….”

In essence, we are all each others’ employers as the very real danger with humanity is that lapsing into not caring enough means anyone could just be a totally degenerative version of you amounting to nothing & which you will find harder to contend with for each passing moment spent in lapse……  Therefore, you have to be responsible for your charges, instil them with improvements and imbue them with the means to instil…

In seeing yourself becoming succesful because you’re here, you are thinking and acting along the right lines – you should continue doing something and it should be associated with success.
  If everyone in any given sector of employment was predisposed to their responsibility with the unvanquishable statement of loyalty and commitment, “This is what I do for creamy, lathery, aromatic, awesome smiling, blissful, euphoric, unending richness” – then we’re obviously on track for creamy, lathery, aromatic, awesome smiling, blissful, euphoric, unending richness….



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One Response to See Yourself XYears From Now

  1. Dusya Muravyeva says:

    mmm I suppose I want in – I mean ‘unending’, that’s the clincher – it’s like the best life insurance & if I get you right, it’s from doing something I already do that’s associated with success but doesn’t currently reward me gainfully….. hmmm, I wonder why not?

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