Questions that fly past, usually overhead

   I am still going to see this post slip down the list of weblogs unless I update it to present time, so at any rate it is a simple endeavour to get answers to the following;

A weblog is featured, or I simply find one that I wish to comment on – in a matter of days I wish to recollect it – how do I find it?
In particular with Featured Weblogs – one would expect they listed back like featured questions and then by simply clicking the poster’s chatboard link I can see the comments – not the case though it doesn’t go very far back and there’s no featured weblog history, it’s just recently added.

To save time (& reduce unnecessary site traffic), a collapsible comment logs* feature could be added to your weblog….
– like as in response to the question;

Can answers we post to ‘suggested’ questions also appear as weblogs on our own pages?

   …..same for comments on other user’s weblogs, they take up no more than a couple of lines made of these three links ;

1. the Title of the weblog with the date/time, 2. the User who posted it and 3. Comments link

The usual five weblogs per page is not affected, these* are inserted as a seperate entity and the user can switch them off, call them

* MyFeaturedWeblogs
– Other users’ weblogs that I have commented on/My comments on other users’ weblogs

 & add the switch [on /private/yourhome.aspx]…;
“Show weblog on your page [feature]_All,Y / N,All_[collapsed]”
“Show comment[s] on your page [feature]_All,Y / N,All_[collapsed]” 
for each one, to tweak while in /private/yourhome


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3 Responses to Questions that fly past, usually overhead

  1. awish4you says:

    I just visit who I noticed that they may have updated. Hello

  2. Hey, we actually have plans to have a featured weblog site where you can see the previous posts. Thanks for your feedback!Ayca (from theXangaTeam)

  3. gr8^Don’t forget to tell me when it’s up & running….    tx! 

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