Where does fastidiousness get you?

An Englishman's Home Is His Castle 700px

If this practice of exclusivity is not observed then it is possibly the retreat into reclusiveness being observed instead.

Thinking of it as an eyeball – the iris is a means to gain entry into the brain, it does not take much to sully it if a person is unwitting/unwilling witness to anything they would contend as right…, so soon they concede. 

 This is why it is known that people are intrinsically good – for when it is good in the brain, right in the eyes and there is an instance of bad/wrong before them, the person reacts like they are infected whether through articulated account, physical response or [mental] comprehension.

  I penned a piece called ‘Never Ending Embrace‘ detailing a parasitical entity that may be a multi-dimensional gore in Creation – As it has affected humans it has been personified, as a person comes to understand it on their terms, it pertains to the senses, as it pertains to the senses – so it makes feelings unbearable….

  And so in earnest, man [re]establishes an exclusive area and once again begins to filter content with an aeons-long yearning for everything right & in it’s place…..


I was going to add a [symbolic] ‘Currently 
~ing’ although decided instead to post the results for the search term ‘purity

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