Is this you??

  This is not written in the style of…., there is no catchment strategy, this is not fundamentally me, my own point of view – this is a kind of ‘everyonething’ – everyone’s thing;  I’m not trying to be generic, it’s just a comprehensive way that I would have you see as meaningful – i.e. please expect this blog entry to purposefully correct and instil the right measure of respect for the significant other person that would spring to mind in what would be an equation if I’m creating operands with this edit [for ‘happy’ read ‘your whatever’];

Is this you?
  I do not feel that I need you & I do not feel that you need me, also I know you do not feel that you need me & you do not feel that I need you…..   ….together [or not together] like this, we are happy.

If that is you then is this;
  When you feel happy and you are with me, I feel happy too.
  When I feel happy and I am with you, you feel happy too.

If so is this;  
   When you feel happy and I feel happy, we need to do something 
for the sake of spreading happiness, there is no greater shame or waste than wallowing in our feelings like only we may enjoy them…

If Y;
  When we are apart & one of us is happy – it is a foremost consideration to contact or go to the other to ensure their happiness.

All the time we are happy together is making the world a happier place – we do not tackle issues beneath our cause or above our station – we derive happiness from living a happy life which at it’s most basic is just a discipline

If we are not together at this time and [you/I] are/am the significant other we [I/you] seek, this person becomes known through this process of application – it is possible to be at the end of this questioning knowing something vital about oneself that must be true of the other without it being ‘just me, I have set my hopes too high on unreasonable expectations’ – Rather it is an easily found thing in the other and they will come into your life post-haste while any wrongful use of this application will strand the individual in their own misspent grasping at another’s life.   It is not unlikely that a person may have become comfortable with what someone else may fulfil for them in a relationship – it is therefore prudent that a simple method like this line of questioning is the happy medium where the exchange across it makes it a conversational issue, rather than an internal struggle with deep seated feelings you may struggle to resolve as an issue brought out in the open.

Those feelings could be around corners and to bare them could be infuriating to either person…..,
  this is a “happy medium feeling for answers questionnaire” to cushion and preserve those profound elements of self,

   because, feelings are always right
  how you act upon them is a different matter
 always though the feeling is the genuine article
– if you only had time with it
for the unabridged connection it provides…

…and because feelings are a thing we share through our expression, any communication and trying to always be vitally sound in a good wholesome feeling, something that makes us worthwhile to others.   A person senses our feelings & should want to involve themselves – involvement is an imperative for the success & perpetuation of the human race.

Ergo, you are involved with your feelings & that is you, no question. 
You are involved with others’ feelings – no question.
You endeavour to find
‘your whatever’
and you know it involves you with others, no question
Would you settle for anything less than perfect happiness if there’s a medium of telecommunication that connects you with everyone else in the entire world….?

Believe it is you who seeks it so urgently/impatiently it creates a substantial %age of user statitstics pertaining to internet dating sites whose promises if fulfillable would have sorted out the human race a pair at a time until easily by now, it began to naturally fall into place as those perfectly matched and finding the profound feeling of true happiness in their pre-destined union, affected the lives and mentality of others so that their outward expression and social exchange [re]aligned and predestined them like one simple exodus departing to the natural state of equilibrium – the happy medium.
Without telecommunication, the internet and multimedia it would have been an intense bureaucratical feat with much reading and understanding of a person based only on written words of description.
  With this medium we are destined to find a significant other in our lives much sooner, it may be an associate who we never meet in person, it may be a lover we feel instantly torn from the moment we lay eyes on them and with a return of mutual feelings, we strive to complete destiny.

Is this you   

It is certainly me and I have the honour of turning 6.65bn people away from a role only one person will ever take with my unreserved acceptance – whether this is a trusted colleague who expands my interests so I can go full tilt at one thing while the business concern is steady in the eye of the ‘other’ beholder, or the predisposed genetic match for ensuring any resulting issue is a blessing upon all life on earth.

..and you too are entitled to the same honour because of a well-founded belief in this line of questioning.

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