Took Bill Gates’ dog for a walk

I decided now the media hype is over to read up on the ‘boy with divine powers’, wasn’t looking for it from scratch – my memory was jogged while I perused channel listings for a repeat of something else.

It made me think of the pre-destined way, ‘It is written’, ‘According to the prophesy’ & how all that media attention is comparatively like the paparazzi & then how as a result, someone like as in Christ’s 2nd coming would have all that exposure and what channel is inadvertently opened as a result…..   Of course this is speculation that any direct opposing force to Christ would be intent on being ‘equal & opposite’ – you know who – and so it perturbed me a while as I pondered someone just seeing the news item and consequently becoming the agent of Christ’s nemesis, tracking Him and then mindlessly making an attempt on His life…..   it really got my goat!!!!  I wouldn’t stand for it!

Basically what I’m saying is if Bill Gates went to where Christ is known to be in His reborn 2nd lifespan and introduces himself saying, “Hello, as You are He, you may have heard of me – I am Bill Gates, the founder of the Microsoft Corporation, a household name in computers and operating system software….”

to which Christ replies, “….ahhhh Yes it is coming to Me – your reputation, your very name is spoken globally, you provide a means of computing, electronic, people can communicate via this medium, a browsing interface tool…., yes I am aware of your success and how the world is connected with this medium via telecommunication, you are indeed wealthy as a result too – this I am also aware of….”

Bill Gates says, “Thankyou, I am pleased that Your identity coming to light and the spread of the news expedited by the world wide web has afforded me this opportunity to come meet You in person….”

Jesus: “…thankyou for taking the time out of your schedule, how may I indulge you….?”

Bill: “…a small matter -” (he produces something reverently wrapped in fine linen and removes the layers) “…I have these nine inch nails, a thorned crown, spearhead, several whips and a stout birching cane – oblige me now by offering no objection as I mercilessly slaughter You with these historical artifacts of your original undoing…”

Jesus: “Ok”

……and that would prove it fair and square – the devil gets rich only by following God around, exploits man singularly because God gave His only begotten son to live as a man….

If it was just anybody though – who saw the newsfeed, and all the sooner made the necessary arrangements (mindlessly) because of the medium of communication that is computers & the internet….., then I would be sorely out of joint – it niggles me to think the internet is a way to turn anyone into an agent for any cause and so I really hope I have only ever instilled a brightness and some long-lasting hope in anyone acknowledging my efforts.


I live in hope…


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3 Responses to Took Bill Gates’ dog for a walk

  1. who are you?and why did you want me to check out your pages?

  2. well, thats an interesting way to think about it.

  3. ilenaholder says:

    You left me a comment on “Kramer Vs. Kramer”– It’s such an old movie, I honestly can’t remember if Iwatched it or not.  Either way, I don’t remember how it went!  Wasn’t it a legal movie or divorce movie?
    ilena Holder…..Rose Garden by Awe-Struck ebooks 1.20.08

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