The Year Is Twelvty Ten…

  …and that’s a five figure number….  like 90210, except it’s 12010 and it is reverberating with a cosmic echo to the panic-mongering of the 2012 olympic advertising campaign when people were misled into believing everything would become badly drawn.    Again, it is resonating throughout all lands who, now connected flawlessly, seamlessly, constantly & wirelessly to the broadestbaddestbandwidth supply of xtianwayhigh superinformedesigned for any foreseeable future until the year 170174, which is a six figure number, like 999911, and also because both represent a matter of enormous significance in the future of earth, as it is predicted not one human currently in existence is guaranteed to be there in their present form….!!!!

 The people of the world in twelvety ten are luxuriating in a technology boon, super slim gossamer motherboardscreens of collossal processing power requiring nothing more than an LED’s worth of light or just your body heat to power them are the usual personal computer choice, usually seen buzzing with great aerobatic agility round the owner’s head and giving each and every user a good cardiovascular walk round the world in a mere human lifespan of service.  This has become usual and people have a full schedule of varied daily routines to occupy even the most demanding mind – and for which there is always the ‘Spacewalk Training Module’ to occupy an irate terran (the aerobatic pc irks [demanding] owner and then floats serenely in just out of reach, but as deceptively within grasp vectors).

Naturally some people wear them, on their arm, or as a sun visor, the shade it is providing also serving as a more effective static solar panel and the unit’s ability to ‘project’ images as 3D objects/scenes makes it a great HUD – and it is these endless permutations that have begun this recent scare about the state of things, the end of the world as we know it and the possibility it is all drawn a bit amateurishly and the colouring in isn’t neatly done in one direction and even goes outside the lines….

All this because of one person – Cepheus con St. Elfation XXXIII, a medium tycoon of recent decades (a human lifespace now consuming a virtual galaxy and durabling for an average 140 years and which are those of Mars – 686.9 days per orbit…  i.e. approximately 263.29 earth years. [Martian years were adapted for tradition’s sake as some people still reach only three score & ten earth years, & when a record 554.5 martian years was reached it became apparent humans have such a long way to go and in so many different directions]) and so hence ‘decades’ being a colloquialism for recentness in a ratio comparison of generations:the other week (…yes?  I mean people live longer so they say ‘recent decades’ like we say ‘recent years’)…

  con St. Elfation XXXIII has launched a campaign and incited Soforth Industries, a now dormant manufacturer of the third millennium with roots in parcels & packaging – This campaign reviving what he calls a lost element vital to the future of personal computing and somehow, possibly because he is electronically affluent beyond anyone’s wildest dreams but materially not much better off than anyone else (for otherwise it would be seized and shared in a webreel reconstruction of viewers’ poll opinions), he has accumulated and sited himself with an immense amount of personal computers estimated to be in the region of 1,217,340 units – which is not a lot to a manufacturer, just about a day’s print job in fact – but for one person to have this many computers is for most a grotesque thought.     In the name of science and undiscovered realms of possibility though, Cepheus has got these nimble aerobatic gossamer thin computers and made an all encompassing, climb and live inside exoskeletal habitat…..   The combined processing power of all these computers is such that he believes that not only will it lift him into the air, which he is now proving on a live webreel around the clock, but with a few thousand more units he will be able to leave earth’s atmosphere and traipse off to anywhere in the universe….

…So, it is rapidly becoming beyond anyone’s reason to doubt, and given the certified facts about space and where wormholes are said to exist and what has caused them, the concern is that he is the first earthling to have the means to go to one with immediate effect and with a few more facts collected, actually make a wormhole for any purpose through time or space.  
This then, is a time of panic, people anticipate paradox and cataclysm…..

and he would leave all those books lying around
Directory of Official Architecture and Planning (Paperback) Seven-figure Trigonometrical Tables for Every Second of Time, etc How to Build a Time Machine “Times” 1000: UK Top 1000, Europe Top 100: The Indispensable Annual Review of the World’s Leading Industrial and Financial Companies Financial Times World Desk Reference Beyond the Impossible: 20th Century Almanac Almanac of Famous People: A Comprehensive Reference Guide to More Than 36,000 Famous and Infamous Newsmakers from Biblical Times to Present

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