A Single Warning Shot

I have notified Xanga, again, about my objection to the adverts – this time with a warning;  If I still get them on my page from now on, all hell will break loose!

It is not right to coax users with distateful content and I can be found elsewhere aside from Xanga so I am welcoming feedback on this among all other subjects – It is like a butcher using bestial necrophiliacs to advertise his meat products and all the while offering premium fatted calf, golden & shiny levitating in the window, so far untouched by any other [low]life on earth, at a considerably increased price*…

One more instance of it Xanga free – and this is all you’ll read about from this narrator, I have already done you a service worthy of any upgrade you offer
 You must know you unforgivably sully a person’s life showing that kind of thing and that your only reprieve is to offer the current premium service free as the new standard and begin again with a yet higher rate of service and honest to goodness reasons for paying to use it.
  Right now you are reptant, slugs, and you know I speak this from your own sense of right


*Free, zero, cannot be expressed as a percentage of any amount 
Premium costs infinte times more, so people will simply pay for when it is worth it.
Xanga’s campaign is a money grabbing device.


No Need To Upgrade




Get Xanga 2012 on your mobile
– Alerts for your phone – Raining Rotten Carcasses & Fire From The Sky Air-Raid Siren ringtone –
Free directory listing of the best tables & staircases to hide under.   Ads by Google.

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