The Manifestation of Christ


   In a silken lapse of air and perceptible dimensions, as if like a curtain used to cover a doorway for quiet access was walked through, Christ appeared, timing the manifestion for nightfall & proximity to Madeleine’s sleeping body.

  In a similar repeat of those actions that transpired when she was abducted, Christ gently lifted her so as not to waken & silently carried her out of the room, the building and away into the night….

With Godspeed Jesus arrived at the local police station, Madeleine was still asleep & entering the building Christ’s appearance changed to the features of the person who would unlock the entire mystery & expose everyone involved throughout the course of Madeleine’s abduction.

Getting the desk sergeant’s attention Jesus motioned the child was being handed over – it needed no further instruction & with the transaction made & the officer turning to find somewhere to safely lay Madeleine down, Jesus stepped back and out of the continuum the same way entered, a silky smooth miracle & one that ended a tremendous heartache.


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