A formula of transition

Is the formula for…,

  ‘present becoming past’

     & [ergo],

  ‘future becoming present’

…a diminishing or an increasing routine?

 How would you write the formula?

First quantify i/ past, ii/ present, iii/ future

If ‘Past’ is what is known except where history has not recorded it’s passing – but taken as what can be proven to have occurred and is now ‘past’/’passed’ if investigated.
 Then, the quantity to represent past is something said to be ‘all’ that has happened and may be called ‘1’

This is respectful of the future being called ‘0’ as it has yet to happen and cannot have a quantity until it occurs.

The present is the beginning of ‘0’ becoming ‘1’, or the end of ‘1’ becoming ‘0’
 – it’s quantity is between 0 & 1, called ‘n’ to represent the [unknown] number as it varies and the rule is that there’s no exception to that.

…so the formula could be written as 0 + n = 1

So the present for anyone experiencing it is a value of 1,
 and where 0, the future, can be grasped [at, or received] as greater or less than 0
but always by affecting the present so that the past still always = 1

  …i.e. the present added to the value of the future always makes the past equal 1

it is then possible for a person to pass away, they become 1 with the past.

For Future < 0,
If you disregard the future as having any meaning or significance despite it’s constant arrival in your life,
then (0 – disregard) + n = 1  & you have to quantify disregard for the future.

For Future > 0,
If you overreact at what the future brings – it’s arrival into your life is greater than your ability to cope
then (0 + overreaction) ± n = 1 & you have to quantify overreaction at the future.

In both cases you [‘n’] are never less than 0 as you’re a physically occurring event, or more than 1 as it is ‘the entire whole’

It is then necessary to add your present which is constantly making the past = 1 to all other ‘present experience’ affecting time elapsing into the past.

As the past still equals 1 at any rate, the value you place on the future you receive into the present
 so that…,

   n ± (0 ± quantified reaction) = 1

 …means that you have to either accept you will see/express your reaction differently with the ongoing present you occupy and so play down or more seriously consider your reaction in order to resolve the equation – or that YOU will change as the value of ‘n’ with the quantity of future acting upon you and which is the most likely because the reaction was your’s too and is fundamentally you changing.


 Simply put, the past is the past, the future is the future – you are a quantity in the present shown here as ‘n’


   …because there are around six & a half billion instances of ‘n’ that may willingly change to suit how they feel on the spur of the moment – the value you give your ‘n’ may only become a constant if you can find a quantity for it that is never upsetting any or all of the others.

If you desire a perfect equilibrium with reality and the passing of time as the fact of reality, your ‘n’ needs to be in that kind of working order.

So, remembering,

   1 = n ± (0 ± quantified reaction), 

& while your ‘n’ being 1 defies all the other ‘n’ quantities to regard you as living in the present…,

…then you are finding the future is never 0 but when you have it just right, it is just right for everybody else too
and then you get your n just the way it should be right for everybody else as well as if from them, not just of your own quantifying….

So for your personalised ‘n’, you could e.g. therefore express;

$$ $$ . @ . ME ME

& then ‘field’ the future that way

  Rest assured, you will be trying to make it easier for yourself – Apply with this formula at your bank and open an account with the emphasis on them making their money as usual by investing & being a more lucrative & auspicious investor because you have just the right account name.   Have it subject to change on their terms for making the most money possible and pray to God you never find out what it is and you could get away without ever having to work another stroke in your life…..  Stranger things have surely happened.


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