The Wand of Threefold Sycaness

The Wand of Threefold Sickness

[Chu-shr encompasses the illogical, irrational and mystical – that which is outside our realm of experience. Then, bind the strength of wood and metal]

Wand of Threefold Sycaness
Wand of Threefold Sycaness [small]

A triple stem sycamore wand of order and disruption created by the Maestro Pyro Fex imbued with the working of a rapture to heal or injure depending on caster[‘s], motivation and circumstances – stability for casting must be ensured, usually best accomplished when the wand can be heard during swiping, the distinct sound also benefitting from an ambient other into or from which the magic courses.

Bows convex for casting >)> or <(< – palm technique [rotating] should be mastered for triple swiping.

This wand may become imbued by the powers of good & evil beginning life humble and neutral
– it is used;
  • to take away a sickness with three times the strength of any single remedy
  • or three sicknesses as one treatment
  • it is also used to inflict a sickness at three times it’s normal strength
  • or three different sicknesses….

There are different ways to use the Wand of Threefold Sycaness….

A spell may be chanted with it;

“Three times sickness is dispelled / in this spell,
through knot and pinch and axis
hear the wand aloft cut air
agog to devotional practice”

It is usually waved three times with the enchantment, or three successive swipes repeated three times.
The technique for three swipes is to ensure the wand arches upwards on the upstroke and downwards on the downstroke, this simulates the curvature of the earth in parallel where the downstroke facing down is the path of least resistance and also most like any other celestial body meeting this planet (like marbles or a newton’s cradle) such is the capacity for summoning that it may draw energy from another planet or celestial body.
– the caster’s degree of accuracy determines the outcome*.

Another technique is [along] with the breathing;
The caster slowly inhaling with hand down by side holds the wand arching upwards, it is rotated in the palm as the hand is lifted so the wand stays parallel to the floor with and to the extent of the inhale – it is raised to shoulder height and then thrust forwards in a lunge while exhaling.
This is an attack move although still equally imbued towards good/evil depending on caster’s motivation – an attack in the form of good magic would be to dispel bad magic or sickness from a body, the best results are noted with the correct observation of raising to draw energy, and thrusting to aim and channel the output…

Disclaimer Notice
The creator of this wand is not accountable for failed casting
The wand works in this capacity only, it is not a battle wand.
Breakage annuls any power the wand is imbued with, the manna stored within will dissipate immediately and specific instructions should be followed in this event*
Enhancements or attempts to engineer the wand to greater magical capacity or altered strains of magic are ill-advised and void any guarantee.

*In the event of breakage it is customary to perform a blessing;
Uttering the following passage with all or as many pieces of the wand as can be retrieved will ensure it’s breakage will not affect the party responsible;

“Forgive and forget,
Magic is let
Like blood
Allowed to flow
Cut from manna
From tree
For three
To go now go”

At this stage the wand is neutralised and incapable of holding magic, any magic accumulated in the immediate area of the blessing will be felt moving to the last line of the blessing, simply apply oneself naturally and try not to express grief while handling the broken wand, it could result in unwanted absorption… The wand may then be discarded.

*planet frequencies

Enjoy your body, spirit and soul performing magic,

Pyro Fex

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    I cant read that.  Beyond my education level.

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