Start Again

“…could be St. Art again….”

“If it is, tell Him we’re still at the beginning, there’s a far more important question come up….”

“Did you have to get a biblical mp3 ringtone that says ‘Start Again’ like it’s being written in stone by the finger of God?”

“We’d still be at the beginning anyway until we got the answer to this…!”

“uh…, ….say it again…”

“it again”

“ha ha, tell me your killing joke”

“In the beginning….., right?  Not ‘At the beginning…..’ – we’re trying to find out if that matters…”

“…and why should it?  sorry, I’m trying to see both sides to it….”

“because we’re supposing if it matters and always has to be written as ‘In‘ and definitely neverAt‘, then we’re asking, was God ‘In’ the beginning, and could there be an ‘outer’ aspect…?”

“…’k…., erm, is that asking, ‘and if God was ‘At‘ the beginning, then God was always there….?'”


“Right, so if I quote ‘In the beginning’ relative to anything, I can always mean there was something prior to the beginning that had nothing to do with the beginning except for the common element that is involved in the beginning”

“Yes – the beginning is a start of, in this case, ‘Creation’ – everything in it’s entirety being created at the same moment – what they nowadays refer to as the quantum singularity we call ‘The Big Bang’…..”

“So, if God was ‘at’ the beginning, He could be outside Creation?”

“Quite, and if He was ‘in’ the beginning – we could now be in Him”

“Which means…?”

“There is never any instance of Godlessness as far as any man could ever see or contemplate, for man will never leave Creation”

“And if God created Creation, with the possibility of just being ‘at’ the beginning, He could be here all the time because the same thing took place as from the commencement, ‘In~’, and …He could be here or not because it does just suggest He was present ‘at’ the beginning – like lighting the touchpaper then standing well back, but still attending the display…., or ….not here, set Creation off with a bang and went somewhere else to do some other stuff….”

“Yes…, phone’s still ringing”

“So, if it is St. Art again, what should I tell Him?”

“We’re still at the beginning”

“Oh yes, that was  it…..,
[Å] – “Hello, Namesake & Saviour, thankyou for calling, you’re through to Christian, how may I be of service please?”

  [hello , it’s John Divine here, listen – I’ve come up short & I’m looking for staff, can you help…?]

“Oh, hello Mr. Divine, ….is it just for a shift? – one of us could pop over and cover…., is it urgent? rightaway?”

[no, I mean staff, who actually is staff]

“Ah, well in that case no, we’re quite busy here, at, or in, the beginning and probably couldn’t spare one of us for more than a couple of shifts…    The offer of immediate cover still stands though”

[no, I don’t mean staff members – I mean ‘the’ staff]

“Oh, we haven’t got it – last I heard they were lining up a test at Horeb, needed it to strike a river with”

[no, not rod, I specifically mean staff]

“….Can’t help you then.   …Have you tried Blue Letter Bible?”

[no, no, I mean cliff]

“ahhhh, ok, no worries – we all make mistakes, just a mo….”,
“Jesus, it’s St. John asking after a ‘cliff’s whereabouts, can you recall off hand?”

“It’s Ziz”

“Well he must have misplaced it then because he’s asking here after it…..  ….eh?  Hold up, …how is it? Does he live on it?”

“No, …it’s… …’Ziz’…”

“Ohhhh, ok”,
“Hello, Mr. Divine – I’m reliably informed you shall end your search in Ziz”

[righto, thankyou kindly – bye now]

“Bye and thankyou for calling Namesake & Saviour, we look forward to your custom again… [(]”
“Nice bloke that”

“Mad as a fish”

“ohhh, yeah, theee…. er….”


“Yeah, shame really”

“Don’t worry about it”

“ok…, ….what now?

“Start again :)”


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