Security Issues

I recently performed a search and checked out just about every single link in the results, the only exceptions being those that I knew from the header were already something I was aware of.

    It became apparent that ‘tags’ are misdirecting and ‘result grabbing’ – i.e. they are included on a document so that your search brings the page up in results, yet they may not be relevant…..

  I have nothing to do with some of those results, and I want nothing to do with some of them.

So, I got to thinking about hexdecimal codes for colours used on your page, if you create a weblog e.g.

The background colour, the font & highlight colours are all assigned a respective hex code.

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F

Hexadecimal= 6+10, so for a six figure amount of variations,
  instead of 999999 different kinds, you can have 999999 x 1.6 = 1599998[.4]

These start at #000000 and end at #ffffff
That would be black text on a white background, shown above as 0

….and the reason I got to thinking about it, is because tags are usually made invisible, the same code assigned to the text as for the background so it is not visible unless you “r/click>Select All” or “Ctrl+A” (Alt+E,A).  This also gives rise to the question, “Does ‘select all’ with some shade combinations still not make invisible text appear?”.

Obviously you could then decide to not only find all pages using invisible text, but also codes known to be very close and still fooling the eyes into believing they’re seeing no visible text and filter much more precisely for the results you seek….

Then there’s this other thing – an agreement/contract with a Search Engine provider that says;

  if Search Term$ = “These Words”

then get “These words” = “These Words” in Internet

…this will pick up Term$ and use it to ‘magnetically’ discover everything like it and which forms the search results; Natasha Bedingfield e.g. as a related commercial product, & …These Words” in Internet… as this page coming up among results.

…the agreement states;
When Term$ is Search [field], get Term$ and Copy 
to my httpage, so Term$ in Internet = my httpage

….and then you’re rich overnight because all the results that come up for any search whatsoever always link your page.

Now obviously people may decide they want to exclude invisible text as a means of filtering if it means a site is trying to get their attention with potentially irrelevant content if it is not seen as [published] content.

They pick a filter that does just this, and then as a result the content provider gets around it by going for ‘subtly different’ instead of invisible* – and you can guess where we all are right now as a consequence of computers & the internet – in some people’s experience, even the air could change colour at a moment’s notice ….

* Shown above 7 is in #777777 with a #888888 highlight
                 while 8 is in #888888 with a #777777 highlight, how many codes are subtly different?

  It is a process that will undermine your ability to see properly given time, it will reprogram your rational thought and it will feel like an incentive while you have a natural resistance to it that just cannot place it, so it affects that too until you go that way…..   
   Ergo if you have become involved with a money hungry provider, you are basically their money provider with no other purpose from their perspective – you end up having to make your life mean something besides and they move in on your ‘old’ life’, like as the part of you that ‘works’ for them until you ‘successfully‘ resign….

…& probably where the term ‘get a life’ comes from….. 

…and probably what laser correction for eyesight will have to eventually be good enough to filter for you to maintain the cost as a worthwhile consideration…., or just an overlaid screen that determines from the flicker rate of the monitor what is being sent (text would appear flashing, flickering or in the process of being ‘written’ to the display, against a same colour background)….


….Interesting stuff no?

fig1. How you might feel if it is not done in a particularly fancy way


fig 2. A thoughtful preparation
roygbiv in 25shade increments vertical

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