What food would you miss if you were in prison?

I like a Grab Bag – I would surely miss it

Today I really enjoyed the fried chicken from Tescos, sat in the car after shopping and munched on juicy tender pieces in a breadcrumb coating….   

Tescos have blank media for computers which includes DVD-R/~RW & DVD+R/~RW,

….and while I have recently got a hdd recorder for television, I am wondering what I should get for successfully transferring my ‘chapters edit’ so the Skip function works the same on the disc – I found DVD-R doesn’t retain it, and then also doesn’t let you edit it on the disc (& which is not due to finalising), and if the program had cprm on it then writing it to dvd will have wiped it off the hard drive….
  I asked a member of staff if he knew and he told me to approach the help desk for electricals and they didn’t either, I asked if there was an information leaflet & there is not – So Tescos, I suggest a dvd/hdd recorder with spindle of 5 blank discs offer so the most comprehensive type of disc that covers all aspects of the recorder’s use is an instilled fact, even a person with a hdd recorder who just needs the discs for the first time can look at this offer on the shelf & make their mind up on the basis of the information it provides. 
Meantime -I take it to be the DVD+R/ &~RW, but I have to do some research before I am certain – will update this edit later.

I just answered this Featured Question, you can answer it too!

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