Struggle came back for a shell like

      It was like a moment where I envisaged I am pouring as much goodness as I could find within me and only really expecting things to be good in return, but there were people who insisted they had a bone of contention because they would otherwise lapse into this infantile expression of vacant smile exclaiming “abourite’vor” (“I’m alright though”) and they have to insist upon fighting it with every last vestige of their strength and willpower – but which in turn makes them contentious no matter how personable they believe they are.


So for want of the thing that puts that into persepctive I have to assert you are very lucky indeed not to have to tolerate the prospect of a “primal shrivel” – which I just invented, but what makes my point exactly because it’s a response to some contentious thing with no purpose other than to chew someone else’s fat in a particularly fatheaded way;

    The primal shrivel is like being proportionate to a flake of skin and the thing that takes control of your circumstances and imposes the threat of such an event is comparatively your present size [- this automatically gives you the sense of being the higher power, so don’t come complaining about this]….

    The skin flake size you, which still contains the living breathing inner with the usual bodily organs and functions is cast, by the higher power size you, into searing hot fat:   The very instant this happens is the ‘primal shrivel’, you revert [‘struggle’] to the chemical reaction taking place with what this heat and immersion does;  First like melting – then going crunchy like crackling, then because the fat is searing hot you begin to lose all moisture and go powdery, then to a sooty dust as you char away to particles of carbon as your only remains.

    The primal shrivel is the very idea such a thing could happen to you – and would always send you like that, so why not have the very real sense of it affecting you in the present – it is a sense after all….



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