…and Jesus said to me

…and Jesus said to me, “yes I can see from your words that you make your own future and that you do very well in it”

“I am still part of Creation though”, I said

“You are – you are chosen to continue your way in the name of Creation”, He replied.

“Master – I must speak with God always as if You are there to corroborate – You are part of this too and never stray from the same path I tread”, I said

“I am the way – I am the everlasting life”, said the Messiah

“Yes I am the path on the way where people may tread and find the voyage ergonomically crafted to suit consumer trends” – I said as sure as if I had sold another ten thousand AwesMauler units in one hour of trading.

The Messiah smiled and said, “You know I am always there – you can rely on the Heavenly Father’s eternal love for His children without fear of rebuke”

“And can I rely on You as the frontman for this gig then?” – I asked impishly, knowing His interest was invested all the way back to the beginning of Creation where I got the idea from…

“AwesMauler is hereafter my Christian Hilton gig” smiled Jesus already comfortable in His third millennium as Saviour

“My smile then is well meant and everlasting” I said as I alt,f,s’ed the contract and the deed was done.

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