The Fantasy Reel


By and by, the fantasy can come naturally and the daydreamer can enjoy it at no detrimental cost providing he/she is not removing their self so far from a typical reality they occupy that returning to it is impossible or discomforting…

Ideally though, a fantasy should eventually play out acceptably in a person’s life and become the reality.  The fantasy should be commended for being useful this way – we learn to fantasize as children and in this early stage of structuring a [more] desirable reality, we are naive and unable to contemplate every possible outcome as we layer on possibility after possibility…

 – The ideal fantasy should therefore only include the simplest dialogue leading to desired outcome, and the environment should be ready to accommodate all comers so that nothing can suddenly feel out of place – the term ‘I can smell a rat’ is likely from such a set up – like the lee side of an item in the vicinity of the fantasy taking place could provide more information than it is comfortable for the escapist to divulge to any witness of it – i.e. the daydreamer moves away from a reality they are shedding and towards a reality attainable only through fantasy, the transition gives them away – so for this, they must provide scope for every other fantasy there is if the situation is not to become awkward and always be aware of everything right up to the very outside edges of their peripheral vision as they continue this way.

To wit, “Everything I see & hear, all that my senses detect, is my fantasy made real”, is either acceptance of the world the way it is, or a subtle process of adapting it at that threshold and having the presence of mind to always know the fantasy you desire is also in everyone else’s best interests to attain.  The subject perhaps sees a one way street with little pliability even in the right direction, hence it will come true, they’ve invented a fantasy and devised a way to realise it – so be it.

So, a typical scenario would suggest the room or setting ‘as is’, rather than at a certain time or with any props that would be difficult to get in there at the same time as all the participants in the fantasy.   The room should therefore be as it is found and any props or items to be used in the fantasy should be easily carried or innocently found in the room unless the desire to arouse suspicion is required.

The participants should be normally clad – expecting them to wear something they would not normally wear will certainly guarantee failure, unless you have asked them to wear something specific when they attend but not told them they are participating in a fantasy scenario (just as bringing something they would not think to bring without good reason may require a reason that masks the fantasy or explains it so that the participant remains willing), in which case your fantasy depends on your handling of the unknowing participants with you knowing the reason they are dressed that way (or bringing that item) and them either not knowing at all why or believing a different reason unless they are joining you in an evolving fantasy you already share.


 The room is as found, the participants come as they are.

The real nature of the fantasy whether revealed at the beginning, during, or towards/at the end is the most important factor because it reveals the thoughts of the person acting it out and involving anyone unawares then disclosing at the wrong time or if the revelation is timed wrong, will cause the fantasy to lose any hold it has over an individual…

The fantasy should come naturally to you and the participants are then involved in it without you having to start fantasizing when they get there, or find you suddenly feeling unnatural about the fantasy you entertain in your mind because no one else in the room could possibly abide it in theirs’.


 The room is as found, the participants come as they are, everything comes naturally.

When everything is in place, the fantasy moves up a gear and will even demand that you bring it to its conclusion as quickly as you desire the outcome in a tangible reality, so making your fantasy a ‘dream come true’…

To allow yourself the luxury of living your dream, you must briefly live in a duality beforehand where you are outside talking to the participants and inside talking to yourself – the results will depend on reconciling the differences between the two realities and feeding the inside reality some information from the fantasy so that it can filter it and deliver it to the outside reality until there is nothing left for the inside reality to do – at this point the fantasy has become the outside reality and you are living in it with all the comfort it affords you for your success in your brain that is now enjoying the heightened sensory load from the participants.

It is not over yet though – You must have it tested and this would require non-participants (other parties) speaking to participants afterwards and when a story or some details are corroborated, you have a reinforcement to determine and establish your fantasy as a true reality amid the rest of the population in theirs who eventually will sample some of your successfully transposed fantasy as a reality conveyed and corroborated this way and may try something like it for themselves which will in turn either compliment or clash with your new reality, giving you reason enough to invent another scenario.


The room is as found, the participants come as they are, everything comes naturally, the participants can accept what is normal about your fantasy and anything unexpected that you can satisfactorily explain until it is your new reality.

Your successful transition stands the test of time and another fantasy-cum-reality will appeal to you when your current reality is overshadowed by one that is more desirable or clashing with your own…


Reality, “I need a change, …I want a dream to come true”

Room, “Don’t look at me, I’ve always been like this and very little changes that”

Reality, “Hmmm, that’s it, I will use this situation to change into a fantasy”

Room, “Well I hope I don’t have to do anything”

Reality, “You just do what you always do, see if you can’t, I only need a pen & paper”

Room, “Huh, reluctant pawn in a power game again”

Reality [dials phone, waits for answer]

Participant, “Hello, Participant speaking – with whom do I have the pleasure?”

Reality, “Participant, it’s Reality – listen I wondered if you’d like to come over one night…?  I’ve got some time to myself and could use some company”

Participant, “Well, sure – I’d love to, when would you like me to come over?”

Reality, “Any time really, all the evenings this week including tonight”

Participant, “Tonight sounds good – I was just about to do nothing in front of the television all night, I’ll be round shortly ok?”

Reality, “Great, just come in – the door’s unlocked”

Participant, “Ok, see you in a bit” [hangs up]

Reality, “Great, this is working just fine… Where’s my pen & paper?”

Room, “I’m typically unyielding as you look around for things you’ve misplaced so don’t a–

Reality, “Ah there it is. [gets pen & paper from bureau and pockets it] Just need Participant here now and everything will be set.”

[few minutes pass and the door opens after a knock]

Participant, “Hello?  Where are you?”

Reality, “I’m in the room – just come through”

[Participant enters]

Participant, “Hello – you sounded like you had something on your mind – I came straightaway…”

Reality, “Yes, good – thank you.  Listen, take a seat I have an amazing idea…”

[Participant sits]

Participant, “Oh yes?  Do tell, I’m all ears”

Reality, “Well you see that I’m just Reality in my Room and you are Participant come to see me and pass the time we would otherwise be spending alone…?”

Participant, “Yes, I can see that – it’s …er, Reality in a Room with …er, Participant – namely me”.

Reality, “Yes – well, I have a pen & paper [gets it out] and will sign any written testament to the fact that this really happened if you will add your signature to it when you have read it…”

Participant, “Ooh!, sounds interesting what is going to happen?”

[Reality indulges Participant at length and completely expands upon the fantasy until it is something they can both talk about willingly collaborating with it’s facets as it now occupies both their minds]

Reality, “You see, if we write this down simply, but so that it is at least documented satisfactorily for anyone else to understand, then we have a deal whereby we can use the document as a binding contract to say it is comfortably part of our dialogue with one another…  signing it will prove we both agree to it…”

Participant, “I see, so now we are both talking about it instead of just you telling me about it, we have common ground upon which to elaborate and append further detail and even digress from, but with this always remaining as the foundational aspect of our conversation…?”

Reality, “Yes, should I draft it then as our plan for us to sign?”

Participant, “Yes, I shall read your draft and we can have it made legal and binding – it will certainly cement Reality and Participant’s dialogue in a positive way.”

Reality, “So be it.  Let me just write this down”

[Reality writes;]   I, Reality and Participant discussed a possible Reality (details the nature of it) with Participant accepting it should be recorded for posterity as being shared between us and potentially good for all comers and therefore necessitating our signatures bonding the event to ensure it can continue from a foundational and supported event.
Signed Reality [Hands the pen and paper over to Participant who reads and signs,]

Signed Participant

Reality, “There now – I think that has great potential, we should take every opportunity to discuss this and involve as many people as we can – the integrity of any reality should be tested whenever possible, this will ensure we are always living in the right one…”

Participant, “Hmmm, oh yes [looks up from the paper] – y’know, your signature looks like ‘Reliaty’…”

Reality, “What? let’s see – oh yes so it does…, coffee?

Participant, “Mmmm please – milk & 2 for me”

Reality, “Back in a tick…”

…And so the Intrepid Reality is tested at every turn, studied in micro-subatomic detail and gauged for viability by everyone participating encountering it in a constant state of flux and upgrade…


The End

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